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Questions & Answers

Health care reform – for individuals

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as health care reform, is implemented, you may have questions. The following Q&A can help you better understand how it may affect you.

Quick Links

The Basics

What are the key things I need to know about health care reform under the ACA?
Does the ACA require that I have health insurance?
Does the ACA require major medical insurers to cover everyone regardless of their health status?
If my employer drops major medical coverage, can I obtain coverage regardless of my pre-existing condition?
Will my health-status/pre-existing condition affect my premium?

Health Care Exchange

What is a health insurance exchange?
When can I obtain coverage through the exchange? When can I get subsidies?
What if my state does not implement its own state-based exchange?
What do I need to obtain coverage and subsidies through the exchange?

Coverage Options & Requirements

What are my health care plan options under the ACA?
What if I do not obtain coverage?
If I don’t purchase health care insurance from an exchange or have employer-provided insurance, will I be fined?


If I can’t afford coverage under my employer’s plan, am I eligible for subsidies?
What is the potential financial impact of health care reform on me as an employee?

Impact on Employer-Offered Benefits

Will there be any changes to FSA/HRA/HSA accounts?
Is there an employer mandate to offer coverage to employees beginning in 2015?
Will employer-offered benefits become less important as health reform is enacted?

Voluntary Benefits

Does health care reform change voluntary worksite benefits?
Will I still need supplemental coverage?
Where can I get additional information on health care reform?


1 Individuals and the Affordable Care Act,
2 To determine whether your state is operating an exchange or whether you may purchase coverage through the federally facilitated exchange, visit
3 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report, a study conducted by Research Now on behalf of Aflac, January 24–February 23, 2012.