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The average cost of a heart attack is $87,425.1

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Critical Illness Insurance

Our critical illness insurance can help with the treatment costs of a serious health event, so your clients' employees can focus on more important things in life–like getting better.

HSA-Compatible Options are available. Offer a pre-tax saving account to supplement a variety of high deductible health plans.

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Your client's employee feels chest pain.

Limb discomfort. Cold sweats. Nausea. Chest pain. When the symptoms hit, they know it’s time to visit the hospital.

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They’re taken to the ER.

They take an ambulance to the emergency room and the diagnosis is in: they’ve had a heart attack.

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Aflac steps in to help.

With an Aflac Lump Sum Critical Illness2 policy their benefits are paid to the policyholder directly (unless otherwise assigned).

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They focus on getting well.

They use cash benefits to help with medical bills, continuing care, or everyday expenses. With Aflac's help, they can worry less.

How could a heart attack affect your clients' employees financially?

The average cost of a heart attack is $87,425.1

After major medical coverage, they could still owe $34,970 in out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by their insurance.3

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Cost Calculator

Medical Expenses $87,425
Avg. Insurance Coverage 60%

Remaining Expenses*

Aflac Supplemental Coverage:

No direct cost to employers,

and affordable weekly rates as low as a gallon of milk.4

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Offer Aflac to your clients

Companies choose to make Aflac policies available to increase benefits options without impacting their bottom line.