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Creating a Major Purchase Mindset

Now more than ever, your clients are assuming additional financial responsibility for their health coverage and care, yet they are less prepared to pay for these expenses. Learn how a shift in mindset can help your clients.

Top 10 benefits findings for employers

Two-thirds of employers say rising health insurance costs prevent them from increasing compensation. The seventh annual Aflac WorkForces Report examines trends and attitudes about benefits.

Top 10 benefits findings for employees

Fifty-eight percent of employees are at least somewhat likely to take a job with lower pay but better benefits. The 2017 Aflac WorkForces Report reveals how benefits affect retention and what employees are saying about their options.

Life Insurance- Myth vs. Fact

We've found that each stage of life comes with its own set of preconceived notions about life insurance. Discover the facts you need to know in order to explain the benefits of comprehensive life insurance to 22-year-olds, 40-year-olds, seniors and everyone in between with this simple fact sheet.

8 benefits trends to watch in 2017

Employer-provided benefits will continue to evolve in 2017. From new enrollment technologies to outsourcing benefits administration, here’s the top eight influential benefits trends to expect in the year ahead.

5 Terms Every Millennial Must Know

Millennials have taken over the labor force and they will soon take over the health care market. However, there is data suggesting that many of these next-generation consumers don’t understand the basics of their coverage. Download a free copy of this infographic to learn more.

Top 10 Employee Findings

The 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report reveals how benefits affect retention and what employees are saying about their options. Learn about our top 10 employee findings.

5 facts to supercharge your client conversations

The 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report is the sixth annual study examining benefits trends and issues among employers and employees. The results consistently help to support the efforts of agents and brokers. Here are five findings that can help drive your business.

5 Ways Aflac Policies Help Meet the Needs of Next-Gen Consumers

Born in the mid-1990s, members of Generation Z are starting to enter the workforce. After growing up amidst a financial crisis and economic recession, they are serious about money and savings. Learn how to help the newest members of the working class.

The Anatomy of the Cadillac Tax

Although the Cadillac Tax is still several years away and regulations may evolve before it is implemented, employers and benefits professionals have questions about whether it could affect them. Download a free copy of this infographic for more information.

The Advantage of Voluntary Insurance

Employees enrolled in voluntary insurance are more confident, more satisfied, and less likely to be distracted by financial issues at work than those who aren’t. Get the facts so you can position voluntary insurance as a solution for your clients’ needs.

3 Reasons Voluntary Insurance is Beneficial

More than ever, voluntary insurance is indispensable – and here’s why.

Rebranding Voluntary Insurance Benefits as Fundamental Benefits

Voluntary benefits are fundamental in today’s health care market. They are a win for all concerned – for the employer, who provides competitive benefits that help retain and attract top talent; for the employee, who can choose the supplemental health insurance options that suit his or her family’s needs and budget; and for the broker, who increases business by helping to provide cost-effective solutions for both their clients and their workers.

The High Price of Health Care Illiteracy

Each year, open enrollment offers employees the chance to reevaluate their benefits needs. But if they aren’t properly informed, their selections could cost them. Download a free copy of this infographic for more information.

The Reality of Risk

For decades America’s benefit plans have been based on the employees’ perceived needs, not necessarily financial risk. Help your clients understand where financial risk exists in their benefits package. Download a free copy of this white-paper for more information.

Anatomy of Today's Health Insurance Consumer

In the new retail market for health insurance, you must earn consumers based on your plan’s value, and keep them loyal by providing superior consumer experience. Design a benefits plan that helps address the pain points people face today as health care moves to a retail market.

Part of something is better than all of nothing: The broker-agent relationship

The tension between brokers and agents is long documented. And while some brokers have forged strong relationships with agents, others simply don't want to go there. But why? Top concerns often include agent professionalism, shared commissions and difficulties working with agents on multi-state accounts. Here's a look at those concerns, as well as tactics for overcoming them.

What your accounts should know about voluntary insurance: A broker's guide

Changes to the way major medical insurance is purchased and delivered have made voluntary insurance more critical to a complete benefits plan than ever. Voluntary insurance options benefit employees – and they're just plain good business for U.S. companies.

Sales opportunities for brokers; potential savings for employers

Companies offering voluntary accident and disability insurance report reductions in workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism.

What is voluntary insurance – and why do employees need it?

Voluntary insurance offers the workforce a way to stay ahead of the medical and out-of-pocket expenses that add up so quickly after an accidental injury or illness. This booklet addresses commonly asked questions regarding the relevance of voluntary insurance, as well as who needs these policies and what is covered in them.

Case Studies

Voluntary insurance gives broker firm an edge over competitors

Voluntary insurance policies help Corporate Strategies, Inc. to create new revenues for where they didn't exist before.

Wingman program helps accelerate voluntary business growth

Aflac’s Wingman Program came at just the right time for Ralph C. Wilson Agency.

Voluntary benefits options help solve top challenges for clients

Aflac's industry knowledge and experience makes all the difference for Platinum Enrollment Specialists.