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The link between Covid-19 and heart damage makes critical illness coverage more relevant than ever

We are learning more about Covid-19 impacts on the heart, possible complications the virus can trigger and ways employers can provide additional financial protection to employees.

COVID-19 has changed the benefits employees want most

Along with most everything else, COVID-19 has changed what employees value in their benefits. Learn about these new employee benefit needs to help your clients keep up with the demand.

Dental coverage pays off in more than smiles

Here’s something your clients and their employees can likely agree on: Dental coverage is an important part of any benefits plan.

How supplemental insurance supports women’s health

Learn how to help your clients promote gender equality by offering supplemental insurance coverage.

Home office hazards: Helping protect employees in the age of remote work

Supplemental health insurance offers more comprehensive coverage for your clients’ remote workers, including coverage for home office injuries and telemedicine.

Stable carrier, stable growth: Why Aflac’s financial strength can help your bottom line

The financial stability of your insurance carriers is of the utmost importance. See how Aflac’s financial strength fuels innovation and your portfolio.

Want to build your book of business? Dive into diversity, equity and inclusion

Learn why diversity and inclusion in the workplace is important and how to build stronger relationships with diverse clients.

Why working with one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies matters

Aflac has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the fifteenth consecutive year. Learn what makes a company ethical and how to create an ethical organization.

Employee benefits snapshot: Why paid family and medical leave matters now

Paid family and medical leave policies and practices have changed significantly in recent years. Both public and private sectors play a role in the future of family medical leave benefits for workers who need to take a leave of absence for their own serious health event or as a caregiver for a sick family member.

Infographic: How critical illness coverage helps workers

Do your clients understand how far critical illness insurance coverage can go in supporting their workers? Share this infographic with your clients to help them see that whatever they and their workers put into critical illness coverage is worth the investment when the worst happens.

How supplemental coverage can help shield women from the high costs of heart disease

Learn how supplemental insurance can help protect women against the high costs of heart disease.

Dental and vision insurance do more than meets the eye

Dental and vision insurance can help spot health concerns well beyond the obvious.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are “The Aflac Way”

Promoting workplace diversity has been a key tenet of “The Aflac Way” for more than 20 years.

Employee benefits snapshot: Workplace wellness programs today

Employers encompass a holistic view of health when wellness programs encompass both physical and mental components

How Aflac is expanding coronavirus benefits for your clients

Dental and vision in Aflac+ Rider coronavirus benefits are designed to help the greatest number of people.

Lead your clients to the next level of protection: The Aflac+ Rider

When attached to eligible policies, it pays benefits for nearly 30 covered health events.

Group product expansion

Aflac adds large-market expertise in the life and absence management space.

Acquisitions fuel growth strategy

Aflac now gives brokers and employers more complete menu of offerings.

Top 10 benefits findings for employers

53% of employers say rising health insurance costs prevent them from increasing compensation. The 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report examines trends and attitudes about benefits.

Top 10 benefits findings for employees

55% percent of employees are at least somewhat likely to take a job with lower pay but better benefits. The 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report reveals how benefits affect retention and what employees are saying about their options.

White Papers

Stronger on the other side - Benefit strategies to move businesses through and beyond the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every person and business. Questions around how to help workers navigate unexpected health events, cope with challenging situations and be more informed in benefits enrollments, have taken on new urgency. Learn more about how businesses can use learnings from the pandemic to develop more-equipped, better engaged workforces.

Employer of choice - Building a better workforce with benefits and value-added services

As competition for employees increases, smart employers need ways to increase their appeal among workers. Learn how Aflac’s supplemental insurance and value-added benefits can be a critical one-two punch to build a productive, engaged workforce.

Time to Connect - Balancing the personal and technical in benefits communication

What do employees want from benefits enrollment? Better yet, what do they need? The answer is a right-sized blend of human touch and technology. Find the right balance, and you have the perfect blend in benefits communication for businesses and their evolving workforces.