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Dental coverage pays off in more than smiles

Here’s something your clients and their employees can likely agree on: Dental coverage is an important part of any benefits plan. It’s essential to the 25.9% of adults ages 20 to 44 who have untreated tooth decay,1 as well as to the 87% of employers who see it as a differentiator.2 And while dental care is primarily about healthy teeth, it’s also about a healthy mind and body – and a healthier bank account.

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9 in 10 adults over age 20 have some degree of tooth-root decay.3

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Cost is the No. 1 reason people do not visit the dentist. In fact, dental procedures can cost between $2504 to $4,5005 and up.

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7 in 10 people are self-conscious about their teeth.6

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Poor oral health is associated with depression and fatigue.7

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Poor oral health is connected to cardiovascular disease and pneumonia.8

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More than 36 million Americans have no teeth and 120 million are missing at least one.9

Give your clients the power to protect employees with essential dental care. Contact your Aflac representative about dental coverage today.