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People without dental coverage are 67% more likely to have heart disease.1

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Supplemental Dental Insurance

It’s no secret that routine dental care contributes to good medical health. Offer your clients Aflac’s flexible dental insurance, which provides benefits for a variety of services.

HSA-Compatible Options are available. Offer a pre-tax saving account to supplement a variety of high deductible health plans.

woman in dentist's chair about to have her teeth cleaned

Time for a cleaning.

Your client's employee goes to the dentist of their choice for their bi-annual exam, cleaning, and X-rays.

dentist looksing at dental x-rays

Looks like they need a crown.

Turns out, they have a large cavity that requires a crown. Luckily, with Aflac dental coverage that's nothing to grind their teeth over.

group of three people smiling

Aflac steps in with reliable coverage.

Aflac pays benefits directly to the policyholder (unless otherwise assigned), so there's always a reason to smile.



Benefits Payable2



Benefits Payable2



Benefits Payable2

Offer Aflac to your clients

Aflac has what your clients need to help overcome benefits challenges.