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Give workers what they want

Employees know Aflac and they’re clearly interested in supplemental insurance coverage. Aflac offers a simple way for employers to give their workforces what they’re asking for – and you a way to provide your clients with benefits packages that helps keep employees happy and healthy.

Workers want and need supplemental insurance

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feel high anxiety about health care costs that go beyond what their plans cover.1

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of employees are interested in supplemental insurance.1, 2

High medical costs force employees to make hard choices1

  • 22% avoided going to the doctor.
  • 18% delayed a medical procedure.
  • 9% filed for bankruptcy.
  • 8% missed a rent or mortgage payment.

Employers may already have the answers

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No. 1

Workers are most interested in increased pay.1

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No. 2

Workers are most interested in improved benefits packages.1

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7 out of 10

employees with jobs that offer supplemental coverage are very satisfied with their benefits.1

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of businesses offering supplemental insurance say doing so helps retain talent.1

People know Aflac

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of consumers have heard of Aflac.3

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people follow the official Aflac Duck Facebook page.4

Workers want and need supplemental insurance

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of businesses that use Aflac say they are likely to continue.3

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Consumers said they’d be likelier to buy supplemental insurance from Aflac than any other supplier.5

Talk with your broker sales representative to learn about Aflac supplemental benefits and all the other available coverages.