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5 ways to show client appreciation and gratitude

As a broker, you know how to build relationships. That’s how you got your current clientele in the first place. The upcoming holiday season provides a natural opportunity to show each client that you care and are thankful for the business they trust to you. Read on for ways to showcase your thankfulness.

5 ways to show client appreciation

1. Give them a gift they’ll actually want to use.
A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be treasured. (In fact, depending on the scope of your portfolio, you might be subject to FINRA rules or other federal and state regulations around giving or receiving client gifts.) If your gift follows the 3 Ps — practical, premium quality, personalized — your clients are bound to appreciate it instead of just saying thanks and tucking it away forever. These 3 Ps help you stand out in a sea of swag. For example, while metal water bottles are a common and practical gift, most of them make the contents taste metallic. But if you were to gift your client a higher end water bottle — both practical and of premium quality — that you personalized with either your logo or a quote your client is fond of, the recipient will appreciate this attention to detail … and may actually use the gift.

2. Use your connections to make connections.
Know an organization that could benefit from your client’s product or service? Someone else who could help your client with a challenge they’ve let you know about? Are you connected with someone your client is a fan of in the business or entertainment world? Make an introduction! This kind of gesture demonstrates how much you’re listening to your client and considering their needs.

3. Write a personalized thank-you note.
Sometimes the best way to say thank you to clients is to do just that – say thank you. And by taking the time to sit down and craft a handwritten thank-you note, get the correct postage and mail it, your client will know that you’re not just saying it to say it – especially in a society where you could do that far quicker via text or email.

4. Boast about them in public.
It’s one thing to encourage and boast about someone in private. But boasting about them in public is an indication of just how strongly a person or organization believes in another and shows a commitment to being associated with them in the presence of others. Such a boast can go a long way in showing appreciation, especially when your client wouldn’t expect it – for example, posting about them on social media on a random weekday as opposed to at a networking event.

5. Show appreciation for each employee you interact with, not just the head honchos.
The chief decision-maker is the natural target for gifts and cards – after all, they’re the ones who are ultimately saying yes to your relationship. But that means that every vendor or partner is sending gifts to the top brass. Stand out by paying attention to the other people involved in helping you attend to your clients’ needs: the receptionists, assistants and junior personnel who enable your partnership. Those employees are working just as hard, both when interacting with you and when they’re outside of your scope. Showing your appreciation for them can be just as pivotal as showing your thanks for their higher-ups – if not more so.