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Financial stress can affect more than wallets

Medical expenses, job issues and a lack of savings are three of the most common causes of financial stress.1

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Americans have an unpaid medical bill on their credit reports,2 amounting to $140 billion nationwide.3

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of employees who lost wages during the pandemic are still earning less than they did before.4

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More than half of employees experience some anxiety about health care costs that aren’t covered by their health insurance.5

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couldn’t pay $1,000 or more for out-of-pocket expenses without relying on debt or credit if an unexpected serious illness or accident occurred today.5

As a result, 42% of Americans are dealing with financial stress and anxiety — and your clients are feeling the effects in their business.6

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of employees say high financial stress distracts them from their work.7

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$4.7 billion

Financial stress costs U.S. businesses an estimated $4.7 billion per week.8

Including Aflac products in clients’ benefits packages can help ease their employees’ financial stress. Want to learn more? Contact your Aflac representative today.