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Archived Results

Archived AWR results reveal key trends

Browse for previous Aflac WorkForces Report research

2017 Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses Overview

The Aflac WorkForces Report examines the issues impacting employee benefits. Data from the 7th annual Aflac WorkForces Report shows the impact health care reform is having in the workplace, the widening gap between companies that actively leverage benefits as part of their business strategy and those who do not, and the growing importance of voluntary benefits to workers.

- Download the Employer Findings Overview
- Download the Employee Findings Overview

Company Size Fact Sheets

When it comes to benefits, the size of your workforce plays a significant role in shaping your programs.

- Small Companies (<50 employees)
- Medium-sized Companies (50–249 employees)
- Medium-sized Companies (250–999 employees)
- Large Companies (1000–4999 employees) - Large Companies (5000+ employees)

Industry Segment

2017 Aflac WorkForces Report results for benefits decision-makers and employees from the education industry.

- Construction
- Education
- Financial Services
- Government
- Health Care
- Manufacturing
- Professional Services
- Public Sector
- Retail
- Technology
- Transportation & Warehousing

Regional Data

The 2017 Aflac WorkForces Report reviewed state and city demographic data to uncover workforce trends across the nation. Click to view findings specific to U.S. Geographic Locations.

- National
- Northeast
- South
- Midwest
- West


Key findings from the 2017 AWR presented in a graphical format.

- Traditional Medical Insurance May Not Be Enough
- Aflac Helps Policyholders with Out-of-pocket Expenses
- Open Enrollment: Employees Aren't Big Fans
- The Case for Voluntary Insurance
- Workers' Compensation
- Open Enrollment: Top Employee Findings
- Top 10 Employee Findings
- Top 10 Employer Findings

Income Profiles

Income profile findings from the 2017 AWR data presented in graphical format.

- < $50k Annually
- $50k - $99.9k Annually
- > $100k Annually

Slide Presentations

Share results from the 2017 AWR using these slide decks outlining the key findings.

- Aflac WorkForces Report Presentation.

Key Insights

Benefits realities across generations

Voluntary insurance helps employers address top business challenges

Health care costs: Still breaking the bank

Employees: The gold watch is out, better benefits are in

Download the article

Talking benefits with millennial workers? Change the story by stressing financial independence

The value of voluntary insurance

Download the article

Open enrollment: 5 key employee disconnects and desires

Despite mixed reviews, HDHPs look like they’re here to stay

Wellness programs + voluntary insurance = A winning combo for business success

About the Study

The 2019-2020 Aflac WorkForces Report is the ninth annual Aflac employee benefits study examining benefits trends and attitudes. Conducted by Kantar on behalf of Aflac, the study captured responses from 2,000 employees and 1,200 employers across the United States in various industries.

Archived Results

View previous Aflac WorkForces Report research:

- 2018 AWR Findings
- 2017 AWR Findings
- 2016 AWR Findings
- 2015 AWR Findings
- 2014 AWR Findings