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Archived Results - 2022

Archived AWR results reveal key trends

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2022 Aflac WorkForces Report for Businesses Overview

The Aflac WorkForces Report examines the issues impacting employee benefits. Data from the 12th annual Aflac WorkForces Report shows the impact health care reform is having in the workplace, the widening gap between companies that actively leverage benefits as part of their business strategy and those who do not, and the growing importance of voluntary benefits to workers.

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Company Size Fact Sheets

When it comes to benefits, the size of your workforce plays a significant role in shaping your programs.

- Small Companies
- Medium-sized Companies
- Large Companies

Industry Segment

2022 Aflac WorkForces Report results for benefits decision-makers and employees from the education industry.

- Construction
- Education
- Financial Services
- Food Services
- Government
- Health Care
- Manufacturing
- Private Sector
- Professional Services
- Public Sector
- Retail
- Technology
- Transportation and Warehousing

Trends and Topics

The 2022 key attitudes and trends

- Top Trends
- The State of Workplace Benefits
- Health, Wellness + The Power of Benefits
- Financial Insecurity

About the Study

The 2023-2024 Aflac WorkForces Report is the 13th annual research study examining benefits trends and attitudes. The surveys, conducted by Kantar, captured responses from 1,201 employers and 2,000 employees across the United States in various industries.