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Flexibility for your workplace includes employee benefits

You’ve heard of different learning styles, right? The idea that some people learn better from reading, others from listening, others from doing, still others from watching a demonstration. We’ve taken that concept to heart when it comes to the benefits experience — and we’ve taken it further, too, by making it easier than ever to help protect your employees from the unexpected.

To account for different communication preferences and learning styles, we’ve committed to flexibility in every aspect of helping people get the benefits they need. No matter where your employees are in their benefits process — and no matter how they prefer to learn about our solutions — we offer convenient options every step of the way, with our knowledgeable Aflac benefits advisors at the center of your employees’ journey.

Do they want to have a video chat after their standard work hours? No problem. Prefer a phone call when they can grab a spare minute? Or a dedicated toll free number that they can call at their leisure? We’re there. Or self-paced review of benefits materials through an online portal, specific to what your business is offering? A combination of all of the above? Yes, yes and yes. And through all of these methods, your employees will have access to an Aflac benefits advisor who is familiar with the benefits being offered to your staff and can help them determine the benefits that they need, in whatever form that might take.

When your employees are trying to understand their benefits options or enroll in coverage, Aflac meets them where they are — through whatever means works best for your business. If you want us to mean that literally, consider it done — just as we have for 65 years, we’re happy to show up at your workplace and walk your employees through their benefits options in person, which is important to 48% of employees.1

But that personable, face-to-face connection is no longer the only way for us to hold benefits consultations. We help assist the employees who need to discuss benefits with their spouses and other family members, through our development of an online portal that allows them to review their benefits when it’s convenient for them. We look out for everyone, including people who aren’t able to take time out of their workday and industries, businesses and employees with irregular hours. We give them 24/7 online access to scheduling a benefits consultation during a time and with a method that works best for them. We’ve also set up a dedicated toll-free phone line staffed with licensed benefits advisors that allows employees to talk with experts at their leisure. Wondering whether these digital methods are available when an enrolled employee needs help with a claim? Yes, we’re flexible there too.

All along this path, your employees will have access to their Aflac benefits advisor — one who understands the specific needs of your business.

We’ve invested in benefits technology — which means we’ve invested in you

Your employees may prefer to meet in person, on the phone or online over a video call. But we know that having a forward-thinking digital approach makes things easier, and employees agree — 80% of employees say it’s important for their benefits provider to be a digital leader.1 That’s why we’ve created a seamless end-to-end online experience. Our digital features include:

  • Decision support calculators so employees can determine the right coverage for them.
  • Convenient drop-down menus that let employees tell us how and when they want to be contacted when scheduling a consultation, whether that’s through a phone call, a video chat or an in-person conversation.
  • Easy access to review benefits and file claims through MyAflac.

With or without the added ease of technology, your team’s personal benefits experience should happen however, wherever and whenever works best for them — leaving them more time and energy to focus on everything else that matters to them.

Contact your Aflac benefits advisor or visit to set up an appointment to learn more about our options.

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