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Dental insurance helps keep your employees’ money safe

One year of dental care can cost a family of four thousands of dollars. Aflac dental coverage can help.

mother tooth icon

34-year-old mother:

1 dental cleaning.1
1 cavity filling.2
1 surgical tooth extraction,3 requiring one dental implant.4


daughter toothbrush icon

12-year-old child:

2 dental cleanings.1
2 cavity fillings.2
6 teeth sealed.5
1 chipped tooth requiring, dental bonding.


father tooth checklist icon

37-year-old father:

1 dental cleaning.1


son tooth magnifying glass icon

7-year-old child:

2 dental cleanings.1
1 cavity filling.2
4 teeth sealed.5


Out-of-pocket dental costs
total: $5,038

Dental insurance helps keep bills bite-sized. Contact your Aflac benefits advisor about dental coverage today, or visit

Offer Aflac to your employees.

Companies choose to make Aflac policies available to increase benefits options without impacting their bottom line.