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Life Insurance for Veterans

Once active duty ends, many veterans may consider getting life insurance. Most veterans are eligible to receive benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Usually, veterans’ life insurance can last up to 120 days after service, but it’s important to have a plan ready once that time is up.1

If you decide to leave the military, air force, or navy, you might be able to convert your Servicemember’s veterans group life insurance (SGLI) into a civilian plan.2 Still, there may be better coverage options that exist for a veteran’s life insurance policy. Let’s dive deeper into how life insurance for veterans works and the different policies available so that you can find the best plan for you and your loved ones.

How Life Insurance for Veterans Works

Life insurance for veterans provides coverage designed to help meet veterans’ needs. It’s important to note that there is a list of requirements needed to ensure that you are eligible to receive full-time SGLI coverage.3 You can also explore other options instead of only sticking with the servicemembers’ group life insurance offered to veterans.

There may be certain benefits in a separate life insurance plan that you prefer. For example, the maximum amount of SGLI coverage one can receive is $400,000.4 Life insurance from another carrier may offer higher coverage amounts that could better suit your needs.

Life insurance for military veterans doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. If you’re looking for a veterans’ life insurance plan with greater flexibility around benefits, you may find the best fit for you through a different private life insurance carrier.

What Is The Best Life Insurance Plan for Veterans?

Veterans seeking life insurance can explore the life insurance offered to active and retired service members from the VA or go with a private life insurance company.5 We recommend comparing each type of life insurance plan to decide which option is best for you.

How Do Veterans Verify if They Have Life Insurance?

The best way to find out if a veteran has life insurance is by visiting the U.S. Department of Affairs website. There, you should be able to access your life insurance policy online through your file number. You can learn about your policy benefits and make changes there.6

Some veterans will qualify for full-time life insurance coverage, while others will only have access to part-time.7 Premium rates will vary depending on the coverage level you choose to apply for. If you have an SGLI plan the funds will automatically be taken out of your base pay.8 You may be able to access more information by talking to the leader of your unit.

Insurance Plans Offered by Private Insurance Companies

Although SGLI and VGLI life insurance options are offered to eligible servicemembers, the coverage may not meet all of the veterans' needs. Choosing a plan with a private insurance company may offer more of the benefits you desire. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a life insurance policy.

Aflac offers various term and whole life insurance options with a variety of benefits that may be available for Veterans.

What Does Life Insurance for Veterans Typically Cover?

If you choose to go with the life insurance offered by the VA, you may face certain barriers. You may want to determine if you are eligible for the SGLI (for active-duty personnel) or the S-DVI (for disabled veterans) to discover what the limitations and requirements are in your plan.9 If you come across benefits that won’t work for your needs, you may still have other veterans’ life insurance options. If you choose to move forward with a private life insurance plan, you may have access to a greater death benefit, lower prices, and other living benefits.

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How Much Does Life Insurance for Veterans Cost?

The cost of life insurance for veterans varies from company to company. Premium payments will typically depend on your age, medical history, coverage goals, and history of smoking. If you choose to go with a private company, the rates also vary between term and whole life insurance plans. The best plan for you may depend on what coverage you need and how much you’re willing to pay in premiums.

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If you decide you’re looking for other benefits than what’s offered through the Veteran’s Association, you still have alternatives. Aflac offers affordable whole and term life insurance plans that may be available for veterans. Explore our portable, transparent, and detailed life insurance coverage to see if a plan works with your history.

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