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The median cost of a funeral is $8,300.1

Final Expense Whole Life Insurance can help with end-of-life costs.

Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

You can’t always control what happens to you and your family. With Aflac's Final Expense Whole Life Insurance2, you can help protect their financial security, future and peace of mind – so that money doesn’t have to be the main focus.

Final expense life insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy, but it’s typically less expensive and made to help loved ones prepare for the costs that come in the final stage of life. Surprisingly, final expenses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Having a final expense insurance plan can ease the financial burden and allow your family to focus on healing.

How can Final Expense Insurance help you?

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Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills:

Despite Medicare or private insurance coverage, elderly households may still face considerable financial risk from out-of-pocket health care expenses at the end of life.

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Legal and Accounting Costs:

The legal proceedings referred to as probate, and related accounting fees, can be a shock to family and loved ones. Probate costs vary by state while the probate process can take months, or years.

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Funeral and Burial Expenses:

A funeral can be one of your family’s largest expenses. The average cost of a funeral is $8,300.1 While many believe that cremation is a far less expensive option, data shows that the cost is only 28% less than the traditional funeral.1

Final Expense Insurance Features

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    Competitive Rates

    Final expense insurance offers competitive, fixed premiums that do not change over time.

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    Pays Cash Benefits

    The cash benefit from final expense insurance can help cover funeral and burial costs, medical needs or anything else that will help loved ones.

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    No Physical Exam Needed

    Answer a few health questions to apply for coverage, with fixed monthly premiums.

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    Lifetime Coverage3

    Your final expense insurance coverage remains in place as long as your premiums are paid up.

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    Builds Cash Value

    Our final expense insurance plans build cash value – a sum of money that can be used to borrow against or use it as a non-forfeiture benefit.

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    Payment Mode Flexibility

    We offer flexible payment options or you can align your payment with your Social Security deposit.

Types of Final Expense Life Insurance Plans

There two final expense life insurance plans offered by Aflac. After applying, you will be offered the best value based upon your age and health questionnaire responses.

Level Plan4

Full face value from policy issue if death is due to an accident or natural causes.5

Accidental death
Full benefit immediately

Non-accidental death
All policy years = full benefit

Level Benefit Amounts

Choose a benefit in the following range:

Issue age6 Min. death benefit Max. death benefit7
45-55 $5,000 $50,000
56-65 $5,000 $40,000
66-75 $5,000 $30,000
76-80 $5,000 $20,000

Modified Plan4

Full face value from policy issue if death is due to an accident.5

Accidental death
Full benefit immediately

Non-accidental death
Policy years 1 & 2 = limited benefit
Policy year 3 = full benefit

Modified Benefit Amounts

Choose a benefit in the following range:

Issue age6 Min. death benefit Max. death benefit7
45-75 $2,000 $25,000

Final Expense Insurance Policy Riders

(available for Level Plan only)

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Accelerated Death Benefits Rider

This rider pays up to 50% of the death benefit (less policy loan) if a physician provides written certification that the insured meets the definition for a qualifying event, which is a medical condition that results in a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months. The minimum benefit is $1,000, and the maximum benefit is $15,000. An administrative fee not to exceed $200 will be taken from the benefit amount.

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Accidental Death Benefit Rider

This rider pays 100% of the base policy’s face amount for accidental death for issue ages from 40 through 70.

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Children’s Term Insurance Rider

This rider provides coverage for a child, stepchild, legally adopted child, grandchild, legally adopted grandchild, or great grandchild. This benefit is available from $2,500 up to a maximum of $10,000 per child, in $2,500 increments. Coverage amount selected will be the same for all covered children and may not exceed the face amount of the base policy. Issue ages begin at 30 days through less than 18 years old. Policy becomes convertible to a whole life policy between the ages of 22 to 25.

How much Final Expense coverage do I need?

A handful of factors influence how much final expense life insurance you truly need. We recommend looking at your monthly expenses to help determine how much money you’d like to guarantee your beneficiaries. Here are a few different bills to factor in:

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The cost of a funeral, burial, cremation or other ceremony

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Utility bills like electricity, water and garbage

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Food, including groceries and dining out

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Medical expenses

How to Apply for a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy

There are a few steps involved to apply for an Aflac final expense life insurance plan.

Request a Quote.

Request a quote or give us a call so we can walk you through all of your life insurance options.

Answer a series of questions about your health.

While some insurance plans require a formal medical exam, final expense insurance usually only requires a brief health questionnaire.

Choose the death benefit amount that best suits your needs.

This can be calculated by looking at your monthly household expenses, immediate needs and potential funeral expenses.

Apply for coverage.

Once approved, you can rest easier knowing your beneficiary will receive the death benefit to help with your final expenses when the time comes.

Get a Quote for Aflac Final Expense Life Insurance

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to provide better financial support for your loved ones, but the cost of a traditional whole life insurance policy is a little too high, final expense insurance may be the right choice for you. Experience the relief that comes with knowing your family can be better prepared with Aflac’s Final Expense Whole Life Insurance and celebrate every moment left together.

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