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Cancer Insurance Cost

Cancer insurance can alleviate some financial stress if you receive a cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, it also often comes with affordable premiums. Let’s dive deeper into what cancer insurance is, how it works, and what it costs so you can decide if this type of policy makes sense for your unique situation.

How cancer insurance works

With cancer insurance from a company like Aflac, you can reduce the out-of-pocket costs of a cancer diagnosis. You can get this type of plan as a supplement to your standard health insurance policy. Once you receive the funds from cancer insurance, you can use them to cover a number of medical and non-medical expenses that might arise during cancer treatment, such as lab tests, surgeries, home health care, household bills, and childcare. Typically, you must apply for cancer insurance before you receive a diagnosis.

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How much does cancer insurance cost?

Compared to other types of insurance policies, cancer insurance tends to be very affordable. It’s wise to shop around to find the best deal on a cancer policy.

Factors that affect the cost of cancer insurance

Some factors that may affect the price you pay for cancer insurance include:


Your risk of getting cancer goes up as you age. Therefore, the older you are, the more expensive your premiums will likely be.

Health status

When you apply for a cancer policy, many insurers will ask you if you’ve had cancer in the past 5 to 10 years. You might also have to state if you’ve been diagnosed with a pre-leukemic or similar condition in the previous 5 to 10 years.

Type of policy

Not all cancer insurance policies are created equal. If you want more comprehensive coverage, you should expect higher rates.

How to get a cancer insurance policy

If you’re interested in cancer insurance, follow these steps:

  • Shop around: Do your research and explore your options so you can decide on the ideal cancer insurance plan for your specific situation.
  • Apply: Many insurance companies will let you apply for cancer insurance online. Be prepared to provide important details like your name, age, health history, and the amount of coverage you’d like.

Remember that, in most cases, you must apply for cancer insurance before you receive a diagnosis.

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Those with a family history of cancer or who would like to be better prepared for a potential diagnosis may want to consider cancer insurance. Fortunately, you can obtain a plan without breaking the bank. Aflac offers cancer insurance with affordable premiums that fit most budgets. You can use the cash benefits to help pay for a variety of medical and non-medical expenses. Chat with a representative today for a quote or more information.

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