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What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

If you have any type of insurance plan, you may have noticed that there may be gaps not covered by your primary insurance provider. That’s where supplemental health insurance comes in. Aflac is a leader in supplemental health insurance companies and offers term and whole life plans too. We complement major medical and help provide support in the areas you need it most. Read on to learn what supplemental health insurance is and the different types of plans available.

What is a Supplemental Health Insurance Plan?

Supplemental health insurance gets its name from its role in supplementing traditional insurance plans. It can complement the specific category you need more support in, and can provide an additional layer of financial protection. Aflac can help with things major medical may not cover.

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Types of Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental insurance can complement a variety of health insurance plans by providing specific coverage for accident, cancer, critical illness, hospital, short-term disability, dental, and vision. We can help provide support in one or multiple of these areas. Many of our policyholders consider more than one type of supplemental health insurance plan:

  • Accident: This plan helps cover the unexpected costs that arise when an accident happens out of the blue, helping you get back on your feet.
  • Cancer: Get help facing the physical and emotional repercussions following a cancer diagnosis. We know that this kind of news may require varying levels of support, from talk therapy to chemotherapy.
  • Critical Illness: This plan aids the coverage of treatments and procedures following a life-changing health event, like a heart attack or stroke.
  • Hospital: Get assistance with hospital expenses not covered by major medical plans.
  • Short-Term Disability: This plan helps provide income support and treatment options if a short-term disability puts you out of work temporarily.
  • Dental: Stay on top of your oral health with coverage support for treatments not covered by your primary dental plan.
  • Vision: Build more vision support in the areas your primary vision plan didn’t cover.

Should I Get Supplemental Health Insurance?

If you find yourself wondering why you need supplemental health insurance, you’re already thinking about the future. The unexpected can happen and it’s always helpful to be prepared. Having some type of supplemental health insurance can help provide the support you need when unplanned expenses emerge.

Certain types of supplemental medical insurance may be helpful if you or someone in your family has a large procedure or treatment coming up. For example, if you know your child will need braces or some type of orthodontic care, supplemental dental insurance can help cover gaps missed by your primary dental plan.

Supplemental health insurance also may be helpful if your medical history indicates you are at risk of getting cancer or having a life-threatening health condition. If you have access to this information, it may be helpful to factor it into your long-term planning.

We have plans that fit most budgest and can find a plan that meets your needs. Choosing one or more of these plans can help provide a full circle of protection.

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Feel confident in your coverage by working with Aflac, one of the leading supplemental health insurance companies in the industry. We recommend chatting with an agent and getting a supplemental health insurance quote for a more detailed look at which plans can benefit you.

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