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What is hospital indemnity insurance and how does it work?

When the unexpected happens, a trip to the hospital may be a possibility. Hospital indemnity insurance can help ease your stress about hospital bills so you can focus more on getting better.

Essentially, hospital indemnity insurance can help provide protection or assistance with expensive bills that can add up after a visit to the hospital. Hospital indemnity insurance can also be referred to as hospital insurance.

Your primary medical insurance provider may cover a lot of the costs after copays are made and deductibles are met. However, there can still be substantial out-of-pocket expenses. Hospital indemnity insurance plans pay the policyholder directly, unless otherwise assigned, to help with hospital costs.

Aflac offers hospital indemnity insurance, with premiums payable through worksite payroll deductions. We recommend chatting with your employer to see if Aflac Hospital Insurance is offered through your employer. If not, Aflac offers other individual plans that can help you bounce back from covered injuries or illnesses.

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What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Every hospital indemnity insurance plan is different, but Aflac’s hospital insurance pays the policyholder cash benefits, unless otherwise assigned. These benefits can be used to help pay for a variety of treatments and procedures related to hospital stays.

Hospital indemnity coverage options vary according to different benefits that are offered, and may also depend on what state you're in. These plans can help you cover the costs of intensive care, hospital confinement, prescription drugs and more.

Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance Worth It?

There are a few specific benefits that make Aflac hospital indemnity insurance worth it for policyholders and companies at large:

  • First, hospital indemnity coverage may be available to you, your partner and your children too.
  • Typically, these insurance plans are portable, meaning you can take the coverage with you if you move somewhere new or start a new job. However, this depends on the type of coverage options that your company offers.
  • Covered claims are usually processed quickly, so you can use your cash benefits sooner rather than later to help stay afloat.
  • Lastly, our hospital indemnity insurance is designed to help you cover costly expenses that can accumulate while visiting the emergency room.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance vs. Other Supplemental Insurance Plans

Even though our hospital indemnity insurance plans are only available through employer payroll deductions, Aflac offers other individual supplemental options that you may want to consider. These plans can still help financially protect you if you’re faced with high hospital bills. The supplemental plans listed below can be applied for individually and premiums can be paid on a direct basis:

  • Accident Insurance pays cash benefits in the event of a covered injury, like a broken leg or sprained ankle. These payments can be used to help with whatever you need, whether it be x-rays or groceries.
  • Critical Illness Insurance can help cover the costs that arise if a covered life-changing event happens—like a heart attack or stroke. These plans can help you cover ambulance fees, emergency room stays, necessary prescriptions, or any other expenses.
  • Cancer/Specified Disease Insurance can help you and your family stay afloat when a covered cancer diagnosis or specific disease occurs. These plans can help you cover the treatments and procedures that you may need. Chat with an agent to learn more about the benefits that are available.

Should I Get Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

To determine if you should get a hospital indemnity insurance plan or not, we will dive into a hypothetical example.

We hope it never comes to this, but let’s say you have a heart attack. You feel a tight pain in your chest and before you know it an ambulance rushes you to the emergency room. There, your doctors run a variety of tests on you, and it is determined that you will need a stent. The surgery goes well but your doctor prescribes you beta-blockers to stay on the safe side.

Your primary medical insurance may cover the majority of the costs for the treatments, but the deductible may still be higher than you anticipated. There can still be a lot of expenses remaining that you are expected to pay for on your own. That’s where Aflac hospital indemnity insurance coverage comes in. Our plans pay cash benefits directly, unless otherwise assigned, to help with unexpected costs.

If that sounds like something you and your family could benefit from, a hospital indemnity insurance plan may be the right choice for you.

Get a Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan from Aflac

If you are an employer, our hospital indemnity insurance can help employees feel safe and better prepared for life’s curve balls. If you are an employee and your company doesn’t currently offer hospital insurance, we recommend starting the conversation with them Providing your employers with more information about hospital insurance, such as the plans offered by Aflac, may also be helpful.

Aflac can also help you clarify which direction is best given your current employment situation and health care coverage.

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