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Dental Insurance: Is It Worth It? Get Dental Insurance

For many, it can seem like a long-winded journey to find out how to get dental insurance. At Aflac, we make it easy to get the dental support you deserve. Dental insurance may be worth the cost for you because it can help provide coverage for preventative care, standard treatments, and more advanced procedures. Getting a dental insurance plan may help you save money on your unique dental hygiene maintenance. Read on to learn how dental insurance works and how you can choose the right insurance plan for you.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental insurance is usually comprised of a few different components such as waiting periods, premiums, annual maximums, and overall coverage. These four elements can vary depending on what you are looking for in a dental insurance plan.

Compared to medical insurance, dental insurance covers many treatments and procedures associated with teeth and gums.1 Some treatments have no waiting period, while others may require a certain amount of time to pass.

At Aflac, you can get full coverage dental insurance for a broader approach to dental care. This type of plan can typically help cover a wide variety of oral treatments and procedures but may not cover all dental procedures. This type of plan helps cover things that may not covered by your primary dental plan.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

If you choose to get dental insurance, you should make sure there are benefits offered for the procedures you have in mind. Aflac’s dental insurance pays benefits for a wide variety of treatments.

The amount of coverage in each category depends on the dental insurance plan you choose. Some of these procedures may have waiting periods and others do not. We recommend chatting with an Aflac agent to discuss the possibilities of your plan.

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost?

Dental insurance costs vary depending on a variety of factors like lifestyle, coverage goals, the state you live in, and age. If you are looking for dental insurance, we recommend chatting with an Aflac agent about specific costs so you can meet your oral health goals.

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Dental procedures can be expensive without any additional help. Getting dental insurance can help you stay on top of your oral health with preventative care, which may make a big difference long-term. Aflac offers dental and supplemental dental insurance to help provide coverage for oral care that may be pricey without insurance. With Aflac, you can save money on dental procedures and take necessary precautions for your oral health.

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How to Get the Right Dental Insurance Plan for You

There are a few categories to consider when mapping out the best dental insurance plan for your unique needs. Premium payments, coverage goals, waiting periods, and annual maximums are the main components that determine what dental plan is worth it for you.


Premiums are regularly scheduled payments that keep your plan active. These can vary based on factors like age, coverage amounts, and medical history. We recommend getting a quote from an Aflac agent to see what your dental insurance payments may look like.


Aflac offers dental coverage for individuals, families, and groups. We also offer supplemental dental insurance to help cover holes that may be missing in your primary dental plan. Most plans offer coverage in one or all the following areas: preventative, basic, and major coverage.1

Depending on the insurance company you choose and your coverage goals, some of these areas may be fully covered while others are subject to partial coverage. Every dental insurance plan is different, so we recommend looking at the fine print and deciding what coverage suits your needs.

Annual Maximum

In some cases, there may be an annual maximum that insurance companies are willing to pay for treatments and procedures. Once this number is reached, the insured is responsible for paying any additional fees.1 Looking at the annual maximum in a plan can help determine if there is enough coverage for your specific needs.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods are another important factor to consider when getting a dental insurance plan. Depending on the dental treatment, there may be a required time period before benefits can be accessed. Some treatments may have no waiting period, while others may need a certain number of months to pass.1

Your insurance plan’s waiting period can depend on your plan type and location. Chatting with an Aflac agent can help illuminate what waiting periods you may face.

Get Dental Insurance with Aflac

Aflac offers dental insurance plans to help meet your oral health goals. We have PPO (preferred provider organization), and MAC (maximum allowable charge) plans available depending on your preference. You may be able to carry over benefits from year to year and your deductibles have the ability to decrease over time. Chat with an Aflac agent to see which dental insurance plan makes the most sense for you.

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