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Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

Life insurance can benefit people from all walks of life, from young families to seniors. It may be best to get a life insurance policy early in life before any health issues develop, like cancer. However, there are still options if you are looking for life insurance with pre-existing cancer.

A cancer diagnosis can be emotionally taxing for every family member involved. The stress of seeing a loved one sick and keeping track of health expenses isn’t easy. This is why life insurance for people with cancer can prove to be particularly helpful, especially if you provide a main source of income for your dependents.1

Some life insurance plans for cancer patients may help cover burial expenses, and others may offer living benefits that grant policyholders access to the death benefit while they are still alive. The death benefit is the amount of money paid to a beneficiary when the policyholder passes.2 This may help a family cope financially and emotionally amidst a serious loss.

Can You Get Life Insurance if You Have Cancer?

Finding life insurance after a cancer diagnosis may not be easy, but it is possible. Since cancer patients are considered higher risk, a life insurance policy may be more expensive.

While life insurance is the best route for some, Aflac also offers cancer insurance specifically designed for those battling a cancer diagnosis or specified disease. You would need to apply for this plan before a cancer diagnosis occurs or be in remission for at least five years are group insurance and ten years for an Aflac individual policy and meet the waiting requirements.

Aflac Cancer Insurance pays policyholders lump sum cash benefits to be used however cancer patients need it most—from mortgage payments to hospital bills and prescriptions. If this sounds more aligned with your needs, we recommend chatting with an agent and exploring what cancer insurance can do for you and your loved ones.

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How Life Insurance for Cancer Patients Works

Life insurance for cancer patients works the same way it does for anyone else, but a few more questions may be involved to understand your cancer diagnosis. In a nutshell, you pay regular premiums to ensure the death benefit is paid to your beneficiary when you pass.3

Benefits of Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

With life insurance for cancer patients, you’ll need to decide which type of policy you want. At Aflac, you can choose between term and whole life insurance. Term life insurance lasts a set number of years, while whole life insurance lasts the entire life of a person. Each type of plan has unique benefits with pros and cons to consider if you are looking for life insurance as a cancer patient.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is a type of policy that won’t deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Usually, the insurer won’t ask you any medical questions or require you to submit your medical history, but it depends on each company’s requirements.4

To qualify for this type of plan, you may have to pay more upfront to balance out the risk involved. In some cases, Aflac offers guaranteed life insurance with no medical questions. We recommend chatting with an agent to see if this is a possibility for you where you live.

Group Life Insurance

In some cases, you may be able to access group life insurance through your employer. This can be beneficial for cancer patients because it can often come in the form of guaranteed issue. If a guaranteed issue is an option, you likely won’t be penalized for your cancer diagnosis.5

Burial Insurance

At Aflac, you may be able to access final expense benefits. These benefits exist to help cover costs associated with the policyholder’s burial and funeral, uninsured medical expenses, estate taxes and probate. This kind of support may help provide your family with solace while grieving.

Living Benefits

Some life insurance plans will grant you access to living benefits if you have a serious illness or disability that requires greater assistance. These benefits depend on your location and the insurer you choose.6 Depending on your unique circumstances and location, this kind of benefit may be accessible for cancer patients at Aflac.

Is Life Insurance for Cancer Patients Worth It?

At some companies you can take out life insurance if you have cancer, but others may deny coverage. It’s important to know that you have options if you have battled cancer before or have a new diagnosis.

In addition to life insurance, cancer insurance can also help cover many of the expensive costs involved in a patient's cancer diagnosis journey. We recommend exploring all your coverage options before deciding.

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A cancer patient can get life insurance that makes all the difference in the lives of loved ones. Certain benefits can help cover hospital bills, funeral fees and any outstanding debts left to the family. Financial stressors should be the least of your concerns when battling this disease. Discover how life insurance can help you.

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