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How Much Does Supplemental Insurance Cost?

There are a variety of supplemental insurance plans that come with affordable premiums. The price you’ll pay for a plan can depend on the plan type, where you live, your age, your health condition, and a few other factors. If you’re looking for a supplemental insurance plan, Aflac offers a variety of options that come with great coverage at reasonable rates. Let’s dive deeper into how supplemental health insurance works, how much it costs, and some plans you can choose from.

How supplemental insurance works

Also known as secondary insurance, supplemental insurance helps pay for out-of-pocket expenses your primary health insurance doesn’t cover. You may purchase one supplemental plan or a few plans to help protect yourself and your family from different situations, like expensive hospital stays, a critical illness diagnosis, or unexpected death.1 With supplemental insurance, you and your loved ones can focus on recovery rather than worry about finances.

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Types of supplemental health insurance plans

Here’s an overview of the supplemental insurance policies Aflac offers:

Accident insurance

An accident can lead to high expenses. Accident insurance may come in handy if you experience an injury and need some help financially.

Cancer insurance

In the event a cancer diagnosis strikes, your focus should be on recovery, not the cost of treatment. Cancer insurance can make this possible. It’s designed to cover a variety of medical and non-medical cancer expenses.

Dental insurance

With dental insurance, you’ll find it easier and more affordable to maintain excellent oral health. It can help pay for preventive services, basic services, and major services.

Vision insurance

Vision insurance is ideal if you’d like to keep your eyes in optimal shape. It may help cover annual eye exams, as well as certain treatments and surgeries for eye diseases and disorders.

Critical illness insurance

A critical illness, can result in hefty medical bills and make it difficult to cover everyday expenses. Critical illness insurance may come to the rescue and alleviate the financial stress a critical illness can cause.

Short-term disability insurance

Short-term disability insurance offers benefit payments that equal a percentage of your salary if you can’t work due to a non-job-related accident, illness, or condition.

Hospital insurance

Unplanned hospital visits don’t come cheap. With hospital insurance, you can receive the money you need to help pay for hospital bills and ease the financial burden of an illness or injury.

Life insurance

Life insurance is intended to help protect your loved ones financially if you unexpectedly pass away. Term life insurance and whole life insurance plans are available from Aflac.

How much is supplemental insurance?

The cost of supplemental insurance can vary depending on the plan you choose. Fortunately, Aflac offers affordable coverage. Many Aflac policies range anywhere from $8 to $25 or more per month.2 You can contact Aflac directly for more information on specific supplemental insurance plans that pique your interest.

Benefits of getting supplemental health insurance coverage

The most noteworthy perks of supplemental insurance include:

Lower out-of-pocket costs

If you invest in a supplemental insurance policy, you’ll pay less out-of-pocket for various expenses.3 You’ll be less likely to drain an emergency fund or go into debt.

Pay affordable premiums

Supplemental insurance is usually cost-effective. As long as you shop around and choose a reputable insurer like Aflac, you can find affordable coverage.

Gain peace of mind

With supplemental health insurance, you’ll enjoy the reassurance of knowing your finances will not be an issue after an unexpected event. It’s a great way to be proactive and help protect your loved ones.

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In a perfect world, your primary health insurance plan would cover everything. Since this is not the case, supplemental insurance is often worthwhile. It can help lower your expenses and save you a lot of money down the road.

Aflac offers a long list of supplemental insurance policies, such as life insurance, short-term disability insurance, dental insurance, and more. Start chatting with an agent to learn more about the types of plans available.

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