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Dental Insurance Coverage for Root Canal Treatments

Dental insurance policies can help patients reduce costs for dental procedures and treatments. One common dental treatment that dental insurance often covers is root canals. However, policies can offer different levels of coverage, so it’s important to review yours carefully to understand how much of the cost may be covered. This article will explain dental insurance in more detail, including what it covers and how much it can help with the cost of root canal procedures.

How does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance is a form of supplemental insurance that can cover a range of dental care treatments and lower the cost a patient has to pay. With this type of insurance, you can maintain your coverage in exchange for monthly premiums. When you file a claim, you’ll pay the relevant deductible before insurance covers the rest.

Dental insurance coverage

Dental insurance plans may cover three types of services:

Preventative services 

Preventative services help you maintain a clean, healthy mouth and can allow dental professionals to find early signs of potential problems. These services include semi-annual cleanings, exams, and X-rays. The dentist will also examine the surrounding areas of your jaw, head, and neck.

Basic services

Basic services address minor damage to your teeth and gums. Some basic procedures include root canals, tooth extractions, and cavity fillings.

Major services 

Major services address more complex oral issues. Some major treatments and procedures include dental implants, oral surgery, and crowns.

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How much does a root canal cost?

Root canals can cost $1,000 on average without insurance.1 The procedure tends to cost less if done on the front teeth. The further back in your mouth the target tooth is, the more it will likely cost.1 Other factors impacting a root canal’s cost include:

  • The dental professional: A specialist may charge more than a general dentist.

  • Emergency or scheduled: Emergency root canals may cost more.

  • Where you live: Areas with higher overall living costs impact the dental professional’s business, which can result in a higher cost for procedures.

Will dental insurance cover root canal procedures?

Dental insurance policies generally cover 40% to 80% of the cost of a root canal.2 However, coverage eligibility and amounts can vary by insurer and the amount of coverage you select. Aflac dental insurance policies help cover the cost of root canals after your policy’s waiting period ends.

How to tell if you need a root canal

A patient may need a root canal if dental X-rays discover that a tooth’s pulp — the tooth’s innermost layer — has been infected by bacteria.3 A tooth pulp infection can happen when the pulp is exposed, which may be caused by the following:4

  • Cracked tooth from injury
  • Deep cavities
  • Problems from previous fillings
  • Genetics

Early detection of this infection can be critical to minimizing damage and maximizing success rate. It also reduces the potential need for more invasive procedures. So, it’s important to schedule regular dental check-ups so your dental professional can check your teeth and identify the need for a root canal early. With that in mind, if you experience the following signs and symptoms, you may need a root canal:5

  • Persistent pain
  • Hot and cold sensitivity
  • Swollen gums
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Tooth movement

Speak to a dental professional if you experience any of the above and are concerned about a tooth pulp infection.

Aflac dental insurance can help cover root canals

Dental professionals in the U.S. perform millions of root canal procedures every year.6 Given how common this minor procedure is, many dental insurance policies, such as Aflac’s, help patients cover the cost so they can maintain a healthy smile.

Aflac offers a range of options to fit your budget, and there’s no waiting period for preventative care. Plus, save money by using Aflac’s array of in-network providers. Chat with an agent to learn more about your options and get a quote today.

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