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Dental Care Without Insurance

If you don’t have a dental plan, you aren’t alone. One in three Americans lack dental insurance.1 The main reason adults aren’t prioritizing this type of care is the cost.1 However, there are low-cost options to explore and backup solutions if insurance isn’t a possibility.

Unfortunately, the cost of dental care for adults without insurance can also be incredibly high. Routine dental cleanings can be close to $200, while more serious treatments like braces can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.1

Getting regular checkups and teeth cleanings may help prevent expensive oral issues from happening later. Having some type of cost-efficient dental plan, like the ones offered at Aflac, can help you avoid the high fees that may come from buying dental care without insurance.

How Much Does Dental Care Cost Without Insurance?

Affordable dental care without insurance is not an easy feat. To help you get a better idea of what dental costs without insurance can look like, we’ve put together a few numbers:

  • One of the most common questions is how much a dental cleaning without insurance is. At some offices, the cost of a dental cleaning can be up to $200.1
  • The cost of fillings without insurance has a much larger range, from $200 to $400.2
  • Root canals vary depending on which tooth needs work but can cost anywhere from $700 to $2,100.2
  • Without insurance, the average cost of a crown is around $1,093.3
  • Lastly, a more costly expenditure is braces. These can range from $3,000 to $10,000 and coverage may look different depending on the age of the patient.4
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How to Afford Dental Care Without Insurance

At Aflac, we offer affordable individual dental plans and supplemental insurance if your primary plan isn’t giving you as much coverage as you need. If getting a plan is not an option, there are a few other ways to get dental care without insurance:

Dental Schools

There are schools all around the country looking for hands-on experience. Students are willing to perform dental treatments and surgeries at lower price points. You can likely get expensive procedures like root canals done at much more affordable costs. The tradeoff is that there is a little more risk involved.1


Dental clinics are also available to those who need more assistance with costs. Here, they are able to offer dental treatments and procedures at lower costs.1

Also, free dental clinics and non-profit clinics may be an option in your area. They may charge you a small fee based on what you can pay and typically have long waitlists. In some cases, they may be able to offer dental care for free.1

Dentists for Uninsured Patients

Some dentists are willing to lend a hand and take on a few patients free of charge each year. This depends on the dentist you are working with, and the timing of the treatment needed. It may be a good idea to be transparent with your dentist and see what the dental care possibilities are.1

The Cost of Dental Care with Dental Insurance

The costs for each specific dental insurance plan depend on your age, location, medical history, and coverage goals. We recommend taking a close look at the copays, deductibles, waiting periods and annual maximums within each plan and see if they meet your requirements.

Adding dental insurance into your life may keep many of these costs down. To save money, it’s important to pick a plan that complements your needs.

If you are more interested in cosmetic dentistry, you should look for a plan that provides coverage in that specific area. On the other hand, if braces and orthodontics are of more interest to you, you should choose a plan that specifically lists those benefits. At Aflac, you can find a plan that has specific wellness benefits.

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In the long run, having an affordable dental insurance plan may be able to save you money care. Getting regular dental cleanings and checkups may be able to prevent more serious conditions from developing. At Aflac, we’re here to help keep you prepared.

Oral wellness is a practice that can be developed with the right attention and resources. Chat with an agent about our low-cost dental insurance plans and see if they are the right choice for you.

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