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Dental Insurance for Seniors

With age, it becomes even more important to take care of your dental hygiene. It can seem like a daunting task to make it to the dentist, but Aflac offers affordable dental insurance for senior citizens. Depending on your coverage goals, there are a variety of options to choose from.

Regulations and coverage for dental plans vary from state to state, so it’s important to seek out choices accordingly. Dental insurance for seniors in California may look very different for those in Georgia. Regardless, we can help you find an insurance plan that makes the most sense for seniors over 65.

How Dental Insurance for Seniors Works

Dental and vision insurance for seniors are both important areas to focus on. They typically work a little differently than other insurance types. Regular eye and oral exams can detect early signs of more serious conditions.

Most seniors automatically qualify for a Medicare policy. However, not all Medigap and Medicare policies cover dental treatments and procedures. Having some type of supplemental dental insurance for seniors on Medicare could be a smart move.

There are many different dental insurance plans available for seniors, with covered procedures ranging from cleaning and x-rays to dentures and implants. Some procedures may have no waiting period, while others can have a short wait ranging from 3 to 12 months. The best dental insurance plan for seniors will depend on which specific procedures you need.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors

Discover which plan works best for your unique needs and compare dental insurance plans for seniors. Researching dental insurance for seniors reviews can help you gather more information to make your decision.

Network Dental Insurance

Network dental insurance may be a good choice if your usual dentist is a member of a specific network. A network is a group of dentists that agree to provide services at a set rate within an insurance company. The insurance company then provides benefits if you attend an in-network dental provider.

Supplemental Dental Insurance

Dental insurance for senior citizens is an area of wellness that shouldn’t be neglected. Even if you have a primary dental insurance plan, there may still be expenses to be paid out-of-pocket. Supplemental dental insurance helps provide coverage in areas that are not covered in a standard dental plan.

Dental Discount Plan

A dental discount plan can be an affordable option for seniors but does not offer annual benefits the way a network or supplemental dental insurance plan would. A dental discount plan occurs when a dentist agrees to offer discounts to patients directly. They typically offer a percentage off their typical fees and do not typically work with insurance companies.

What Does Dental Insurance for Seniors Cover?

Dental insurance plans for seniors can provide coverage for many different treatments and procedures. From preventative care to major diagnostic procedures, you can meet your coverage goals.

Preventative and Diagnostic Services

At Aflac, we offer a range of standard preventative services like cleanings, x-rays, and topical fluoride. We also provide services for tailored preventative care like periodontal evaluations, nutritional counseling, and tobacco counseling too. This can be particularly helpful when assessing what the best dental insurance for seniors is.

Additionally, we can help provide coverage for fillings and other basic services, but this is only available on certain plans. We recommend chatting with an agent about our basic plans, standard plans, and premier plans.

Emergency Procedures

Some of our plans can also help provide coverage for emergency services like extractions that seniors may need. Emergency procedures may need to be addressed immediately. Having regular checkups and some type of dental insurance for seniors over 65 can help prevent these types of situations from happening.

Major Services

Some of our plans can also assist seniors in the event of a more serious treatment or procedure. Some of the major services we help provide coverage for are crowns, bridges, and root canals.

We also have options if you are looking into getting permanent teeth replacement. Having the option to get implants and dentures can be particularly useful when searching for affordable dental insurance for seniors.

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Is Dental Insurance Worth It for Seniors?

As mentioned, vision and dental insurance aren’t always covered in standard healthcare plans and Medicare. Therefore, it’s crucial to research your options and find out the best options for vision and dental insurance for seniors. Supplemental dental insurance can be a wise move to maintain a strong oral hygiene routine, even if you have Medicare.

Some plans may seem like they are offering cheap dental insurance for seniors, but there may be surprising fees that arise later. However, low-cost dental insurance is feasible. There are affordable dental insurance options for senior citizens at Aflac.

Aflac Offers Dental Insurance Coverage for Your Dental Care Needs

Aflac offers network coverage for anyone 18 to 70 years old, making our plans a smart choice for seniors to take advantage of. We offer affordable coverage for preventative care, restorative services, and dental emergencies. Chat with an agent today to see how you can take charge of your dental hygiene.

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