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Is Vision Insurance Worth It? Costs, Benefits, and What to Know

While some employers provide health insurance for their employees, vision care can be left out. For this reason, insurance companies like Aflac have created separate vision insurance plans to account for those who don’t have enough coverage.

Your eyes allow you to see and experience the world with color and clarity. Missing a routine eye exam or neglecting to renew your prescription may negatively affect your vision health. Having vision insurance may be worth it if you care about prioritizing your eyes and helping to protect your wallet from high out-of-pocket vision care. Read on to learn how vision insurance works so you can decide if getting a plan is worth it for you.

What is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is a supplemental policy that can offer coverage for eye care costs. At Aflac, you can purchase a vision insurance plan individually, or your employer may offer it to you through employee payroll deduction. In both cases, you pay regular premiums to help with covered eye surgeries, specific eye disorders and glasses when needed.

For some vision insurance plans, you must see an in-network provider. With others, you can see any qualified and accredited optometrist or ophthalmologist. Vision benefits are typically offered once a year or every two years. Aflac Vision Insurance provides benefits for exams, glasses, contacts and more—for both in and out-of-network providers.

What does vision insurance cover?

Vision insurance can cover the costs of eye care services, such as routine eye exams. Some plans, such as Aflac vision insurance, offer a cash payout that can help you pay for expenses related to certain eye surgeries, diseases, and disorders.

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Supplemental Vision Insurance

In addition to full-coverage vision insurance, Aflac offers supplemental vision insurance that works with your primary vision plan to help cover out-of-pocket expenses. This vision plan is only offered through employee payroll. Our supplemental vision insurance plan pays you cash benefits to help assist with exam fees and other eye care expenses.

If you’re an employer, Aflac Supplemental Vision Insurance can help give your employees the support they need to take care of their eyes. If you’re an employee, starting this conversation with your employer can make all the difference. Supplemental vision coverage is worth it because It's important to support your employee’s overall health—and vision is an important part of that.

Vision Insurance Cost

The cost of each vision insurance plan depends on your age, location and desired benefits. If you want to provide coverage for your partner and children too, the cost of premiums may decrease for each individual covered.

Aflac Vision Insurance may be worth looking into because premiums are affordable, and the benefits can make caring for your eyes less financially stressful in the long run. We recommend chatting with an agent to understand your vision insurance cost estimate better.

Is vision insurance worth it?

Now that you know how vision insurance works and what it covers, you may be wondering if this type of plan is worth it. Since standard health insurance usually only provides coverage for emergency eye surgeries, having a vision insurance plan in place can help you save money and pay for the eye support you need. Consider factors like your eye care needs and budget when deciding if this supplemental plan is worth the cost.

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Regular eye exams may help you detect signs of other diseases early on. If you’ve decided that getting a vision insurance plan is worth it, it’s time to choose the right plan for your needs. Aflac vision insurance can help you take care of your eyes at an affordable rate. Chat with an agent today to learn more about why our vision insurance plans may be worth it.

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