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How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance?

Getting annual eye exams can help prevent serious eye conditions from happening later. However, proactively taking care of your eye health isn’t always inexpensive. Preventative, routine, and extensive eye care can be costly. Having a vision insurance plan in place can help minimize financial stressors around your eye health.

An eye exam can cost hundreds of dollars without insurance.1 This, in combination with the price of contact lenses or glasses, can quickly become a stressful medical bill. Luckily, Aflac offers full coverage and supplemental vision insurance to lower the cost of eye care.

Vision plans help provide coverage for frames, contacts, progressive lenses, polarized lenses, and eye exams. On the other hand, our supplemental vision insurance works with your primary vision plan to provide better coverage and is only offered through your employer. Read on to learn how much an eye exam without insurance costs and what vision insurance covers.

Why eye exams are important with or without insurance

With age, it can become more likely for eye issues to develop. Whether or not you have insurance, routine eye exams are important to help you proactively check on signs of eye strain, astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness.1 If you go too long without an eye exam, you may be less likely to catch these issues early on.

Additionally, eye complications can point to greater health issues like diabetes and abnormal blood pressure.1 In general, regular checkups are a great way to take care of yourself proactively.

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How much does an eye exam cost with insurance?

The cost of an eye exam without insurance varies depending on if you are a new or returning patient. Routine eye exams may also be considered preventative checkups.

In general, it can cost around $200 if it’s your first time getting an eye exam and around $150 if you are a recurring patient.1 If your doctor recommends coming back for a second checkup shortly after, you could be looking at a $350 bill in total for the two appointments. Without insurance, the cost of an eye exam could be financially stressful, depending on your circumstances.

How Much Do Eye Exams Cost with Insurance?

On the other hand, most vision insurance plans will partially cover routine eye exams. On average, patients only pay $10 to $40 out-of-pocket for routine or preventative vision checkups.1 Knowing the costs for vision care are much lower with insurance may help motivate you to get your eyes checked annually.

Most optometrists check to make sure your vision is clear, whether your prescription is up to date or requires changes, how your eye muscles are functioning and your overall ocular health.1 Since these exams cover a lot of ground, it can be helpful to ensure you aren’t left paying the eye exam price without vision insurance.

Vision Insurance Coverage

Every vision insurance plan works differently, so it’s important to look at the fine details within each plan. Here are some common denominators among most vision plans:

  • Some will cover more extensive surgeries, and some will not, so it’s important to research all your options.2
  • Some vision plans provide benefits once a year, while others provide benefits every two years.2
  • Vision plans typically won’t cover self-chosen surgeries like Lasik.2
  • Most plans will cover routine eye exams and some or all of contacts and glasses costs.2

To learn more about the specifics within an Aflac Supplemental Vision Insurance, talk to an agent today.

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Getting an eye exam without insurance can be costly. Luckily, Aflac vision insurance can help you get the support you need to care for your eyes. Our full coverage plans can help you pay for wellness exams and prescription updates. On the other hand, our supplemental vision insurance plans are only offered through employee payroll and give you cash benefits to pay for expensive vision bills. Get the vision coverage you need today with Aflac.

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