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Is Accident Insurance Worth It?

Accidents can be costly expenditures, and not everyone has a rainy-day fund ready for use. Accident insurance is worth it if you are looking for extra financial support when an unexpected event happens. Certain individuals may especially benefit from getting supplemental accident insurance. Read on to discover why accident insurance coverage is worth it.

How does accident insurance work?

Accident insurance is a type of supplemental insurance that works with your major medical insurance plan to provide more holistic coverage in the event of an accident. During a health event, your primary health insurance plan may cover some but not all of your needed treatments and procedures.

It’s not uncommon to face hefty out-of-pocket costs after an accident occurs. Accident insurance works alongside your primary medical plan to help minimize those out-of-pocket expenses. This is one of the many reasons supplemental accident insurance is worth it.

It’s important to note that Aflac offers both group and personal accident insurance. Sometimes, employers purchase group accident insurance for their employees in case an accident happens on the job. On the other hand, personal accident insurance may be worth it if you have the means to purchase an individual insurance plan.

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What does accident insurance cover?

Every accident insurance plan is different, but typically you can expect some level of coverage for the following scenarios:

  • The accident must be a qualifying injury, and these specifications are unique to each company.1
  • In some cases, you may be able to receive coverage for accidental death. In this case scenario, the policyholder will choose a beneficiary beforehand. Then, that beneficiary will receive a sum of money if the policyholder passes.2
  • As stated earlier, accident insurance helps cover out-of-pocket expenses that your primary insurance plan may have missed. These benefits can help pay down copayments and deductibles, or more specific health needs.3
  • On the other hand, you can also use the accident insurance cash benefits to help cover everyday expenses like rent, electricity and grocery bills.4

If you have additional questions about what accident insurance covers, you can always reach out to an Aflac agent for more information. Plans have limitation and exclusions.

Accident insurance cost

Accident insurance costs vary depending on which company you choose. At Aflac, accident insurance rates are relatively low and fit into most budgets easily. For a better idea of what costs may look like, chat with an agent to discuss your financial goals.

Who should get accident insurance?

There are a handful of individuals that may specifically benefit from having an accident insurance policy:

  • Parents: If you are a parent and want to make sure you have the coverage to help protect your family’s financial security from the impact of an accident, accident insurance may be worth it for you.
  • Self-employed Individuals: If you are unable to get group accident insurance through your employer, personal accident insurance is worth it if you want to help provide an extra layer of coverage.
  • People in high-risk professions: Accident insurance may be especially helpful if you work in a high-risk profession. We recommend researching your industry and the occupational hazards associated with your role. For example, nurses may be more prone to back issues.5
  • People with active lifestyles: Lastly, if you have an active lifestyle and participate in activities where accidents are common, accident insurance coverage may be worth it.

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After reviewing how accident insurance works and who it benefits, you may have a better idea of its benefits. You still may be unsure if Aflac Accident Insurance insurance is worth it for you. If so, reach out to an agent or explore more resources about this type of supplemental insurance.

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