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Instant Life Insurance

Guaranteed-Issue Life Insurance

In the past, it usually took weeks or even months to get life insurance. While traditional policies still take some time to lock in, some insurance companies now offer instant life insurance. Instant life insurance is also known as fast life insurance. This is available for select products, which allows you to apply quickly online and receive a decision within minutes. Let’s dive deeper into what instant life insurance is and how it works so you can determine if it’s right for you.

What is instant life insurance?

With an instant life insurance policy, you can get approved shortly after you apply. You can apply with no medical exam. You won’t have to wait days, weeks, or months for a decision and typically your coverage almost immediately if there is no waiting period.

In many cases, instant life insurance skips the medical exam and just requires you to answer a few easy questions about your health and lifestyle instead. It’s usually a term life policy that expires after a set period of time.1

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What you’ll need to apply for instant life insurance

While every insurance company has their own unique requirements for instant life insurance, many will ask for the following information during the application process:

  • Name and address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Health history, including prior diagnoses and procedures
  • Family history
  • Driving history

How to get an instant life insurance policy

If you’re interested in instant life insurance, follow these steps:

1. Choose a life insurance company and policy

Not all instant life insurance policies are created equal. Shop around and compare your options to hone in on the right policy and insurer.

2. Fill out an application online

Once you decide on a policy, visit the insurance company’s website to apply. Double check your application before you hit submit to make sure all the information is correct.

3. Easy to apply for

Guaranteed-issue life insurance is easy to apply for, with no mandatory medical exam and no health screening questions. You won’t have to wait days, weeks, or months.

Pros and cons of instant life insurance

Here’s a brief overview of the benefits and drawbacks of an instant life insurance policy:1

Pro: Apply for coverage quickly

You can apply for life insurance coverage within minutes as long as you complete your application thoroughly and accurately.

Pro: No medical exam

With instant life insurance, there’s no need for an intrusive or inconvenient medical exam, as you can apply and receive coverage without one.

Con: Premiums can be higher

Due to the easy application process and no medical exam, this life insurance premiums may cost you more than a traditional term life or whole life policy.

Con: Seniors and those in poor health may not get approved

If you’re over 60 or living with a serious health condition, you may not qualify for instant life insurance because many insurance companies are unwilling to take on the greater risk.1

Is instant life insurance right for me?

You might want to explore instant life insurance if you’re younger, in reasonably good health, and looking to secure life insurance coverage as soon as possible. This is particularly true if you don’t mind paying a bit more for your premiums. Instant life insurance may also be a good option if you’d like to avoid a medical exam and a longer underwriting process. If you believe this coverage is right for you, you might also benefit from an Aflac guaranteed-issue term or whole life insurance policy with a quick application process.

Aflac offers guaranteed-issue life insurance

Gone are the days when you have no option of getting a life insurance policy. Today, many insurance companies are offering instant life insurance. You can apply online from the comfort of your own home within minutes.

Aflac offers guaranteed issue life insurance with few underwriting process. Plus, rates are less expensive and you can choose the right amount to fit your needs. Contact an Aflac agent today for a quote or more information.

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