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What is Voluntary Accident Insurance?

Voluntary accident insurance is a supplemental accident policy. Its benefits are usually offered by employers but paid for by employees.1 Let’s dive deeper into what voluntary accident insurance is and how it works so you can decide if it’s right for your unique situation and needs.

Voluntary accident insurance meaning

If you get into an accident that causes you to develop a certain injury, become disabled or be unable to work, voluntary accident insurance can come into play. You can receive a lump sum payment to help with expenses related to your injury. This can help relieve the financial burden you may face while you recover.2

What voluntary accident insurance covers

Voluntary accident insurance covers certain types of injuries and expenses, which vary from plan to plan. Some examples of injuries include severe burns, skin grafts, concussions, joint replacements, eye injuries, and lacerations. Many policies may also help pay for expenses, such as ambulance costs, physical therapy, and hospital stays.2

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Voluntary accident insurance vs. individual accident insurance

Many employers include voluntary accident insurance as an option in their benefits packages. You can access this type of policy easily and conveniently if your employer offers it. Once you enroll, deductions may come out of your paycheck, so you don’t have to worry about a monthly bill. Individual accident insurance, however, is a policy you find, apply for, and pay for on your own, without an employer.

Benefits of accident insurance

Here are some advantages that accident insurance offers:

Additional coverage

Your primary health insurance plan might not cover all of the expenses that stem from an accident. Accident insurance can help provide you with the extra coverage you may need.

Low cost

Typically, voluntary accident insurance is relatively inexpensive. The price depends on factors like the insurer, where you live, and how much coverage you want.

Help give peace of mind

By applying for accident insurance, you’ll get better peace of mind of knowing you’ll be protected from the high expenses that come with injuries. As a result, you might feel more confident pursuing activities that fulfill your life.

Who should get accident insurance?

There are several reasons you may benefit from accident insurance. Maybe you lead an active lifestyle or participate in extreme sports or activities. Or perhaps you simply want additional coverage that your primary health insurance plan does not offer.

Aflac offers individual accident insurance plans

Voluntary accident insurance can come in handy if you get into an accident. It can help protect you and your loved ones from the financial burden that serious injuries often bring.

If your employer doesn’t offer voluntary accident insurance, don’t worry. Aflac’s individual accident insurance plans are a great alternative. They’re available to you regardless of your employment status. After a qualifying accident, you’ll receive a cash payout you can use in any way you’d like. Contact an Aflac agent for a quote or more information.

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