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Aflac can make a difference for you

Unexpected health events or injuries almost always bring out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered by health insurance. Aflac policies pay cash benefits directly to you (unless assigned otherwise), and we do it quickly so you can focus on getting better.

Watch and learn how our products can help protect you

Accident Insurance

Accidents by definition are unexpected. Aflac Accident Insurance is there to help protect you from unplanned costs.

Cancer Insurance

Aflac goes above and beyond to help protect you from the financial stress caused by a cancer diagnosis. Get real conversations and real coverage with Aflac Cancer Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

You can’t always predict the future of your health, but Aflac can help protect you with Aflac Critical Illness Insurance.

Hospital Insurance

Don’t be forced to tap into your savings to pay for unexpected hospital expenses that health insurance may not cover. See how Aflac can help.

Life Insurance

Don’t take baby steps when making a life decision. See how Aflac Life Insurance can help give your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be ready for whatever life may throw at you.

Dental Insurance

Seeing the dentist twice a year just got easier! Paying for a beautiful smile shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. See how Aflac Dental Insurance can help you afford the confidence that comes with having great teeth.

Vision Insurance

It can be stressful paying for glasses or contacts, but with Aflac, it is clear you won’t have to. Learn how Aflac Vision Insurance can help.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

When you’re injured and can’t work, you should be focused on getting better – not your bank account. See how Aflac’s Short Term Disability Insurance can help.