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Aflac’s big picture: Acquisition expands group benefit insurance offerings

When Aflac acquired Zurich North America’s U.S. Corporate Life and Pensions business in 2020, it added more than a suite of group benefit offerings. It added a new option for brokers to provide supplemental coverage from a single partner.

By incorporating Zurich’s group benefits plans into Aflac, we are now able to offer large-market expertise in the group life, absence management and disability space – without losing the key differentiators of care, ease and expertise that, before now, we brought to the market in different ways.

Aflac’s new group benefit offerings help brokers make the most of:

Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Coverage

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Flexible plan options providing essential protection. Plans include:

  • Care Management offers licensed, master’s-level social workers to help those in need.
  • Multiple-year rate guarantees.
  • Premium waiver options for qualified employees with disabilities.
  • Accelerated death benefit options up to 80% that can extend beyond terminal illness.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment includes child care assistance and educational benefits.

Why group life insurance matters:

An impressive 98% of people who have access to a group life insurance plan take advantage of it, and 42% of employees surveyed by Aflac ranked life insurance among the top five most important benefits – an increase of 8 percentage points from 2019 – making group life a way to better serve clients.

Absence Management Services

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Complete solutions to steer absence management, including:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act solutions.
  • State unpaid and Paid Family Medical Leave management.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act administration assistance.
  • Company paid and unpaid leave management.

Why absence management services matter:

Productivity losses from absenteeism cost employers $1,685 per employee annually – more than twice the average employer’s healthcare costs – positioning absence management products as a must-have for your clients.

Disability Insurance

short term disability icon

Short-term disability insurance, including:

  • Integrated case management between disability and absence.
  • Adaptive technology that drives solutions.
  • Clinical case management that helps employees safely return to work.
  • Single point of contact and concurrent management with leave of absence and FMLA.
  • Behavioral health focus helping to positively affect claim durations through timely and appropriate return to work.
long term disability icon

Long-term disability insurance, including:

  • Life premium waiver administration.
  • Flexible monthly benefit options and maximums.
  • Vocational rehabilitation.
  • Work incentive provisions.

Why disability insurance matters:

Some 51 million working Americans do not have disability coverage beyond Social Security, and 3 in 10 would be unable to cover three months of living expenses without a paycheck. This puts the 5.6% of workers who have short-term disability needs every year in a bind.

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Zurich advances Aflac’s menu of insurance plans

The intertwining of Aflac and Zurich North America’s U.S. Corporate Life and Pensions – a roughly $200 million consideration, funded entirely from Aflac’s internal capital in keeping with its “buy-to-build” ethos—strengthens Aflac’s coverage menu. Another recent addition: Aflac dental and vision insurance plans. This means that brokers can now access a variety of options for life and disability, dental and vision and supplemental health coverages. The expanded insurance benefit offerings add to the case for portfolio bundling, which allows clients to save when they offer multiple Aflac coverage lines.

Aflac + Zurich: You get the value of both

With these two companies – both rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau – consumers can reap more benefits than just expanded insurance products and services.1 Zurich’s existing customers have the added comfort of working with a household name (88% of consumers know the Aflac brand).2 They also gain from Aflac’s customer-first engagement approach: Enrollment for the two companies will be integrated, while existing customers will continue to work with the same account operations teams they’ve come to trust.

It’s a two-way street, of course: Aflac customers adding the new group solutions will benefit from Zurich’s integrated and adaptive technology platforms. This will address a primary need for brokers, who require an adaptable platform that unlocks the door to premium client service. Businesses will also appreciate Zurich’s employer tools, including robust tech and analytics capabilities.

Zurich will be the large-case specialty division supporting the products it brings to the portfolio; Aflac’s broker channel will maintain its focus on network dental and vision and other supplemental insurance benefits, as well as life insurance and disability insurance for small and midsize markets.

Aflac was already delivering what people need: help with expenses health insurance doesn’t cover. By bringing Zurich on board, Aflac’s readiness expands to give even more peace of mind. The result? A safe, protected workforce that’s poised to thrive.