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Term Life Insurance Rates by Age

Term life insurance is a popular choice for those looking to save money upfront. Rather than paying more for a whole life insurance policy, term life insurance policies offer ample coverage with affordable rates to fit most budgets. There are typically a few key factors that are considered when determining premium costs, including age. In addition to age, medical history, gender, coverage goals, and harmful habits can also influence term life insurance rates.

What are the Average Term Life Insurance Rates by Age?

When you choose to get life insurance, timing is everything. Prices will vary depending on the term and the amount of face-value coverage that is selected.

The table below reflects sample term life monthly insurance rates, by age, at different face-value amounts. The data below represents sample rates for 10-year term life insurance policies for healthy, but average individuals who do not use tobacco products.1

Gender Age $125,000 $250,000
Male 20 $22.50 $40.00
Female 20 $21.25 $37.50
Male 25 $22.50 $40.00
Female 25 $21.25 $37.50
Male 30 $22.50 $40.00
Female 30 $21.25 $37.50
Male 35 $22.50 $40.00
Female 35 $21.25 $37.50
Male 40 $37.50 $70.00
Female 40 $28.75 $52.50
Male 45 $55.00 $105.00
Female 45 $43.75 $82.50
Male 50 $80.00 $155.00
Female 50 $68.75 $132.50
Male 55 $118.75 $232.50
Female 55 $90.00 $175.00
Male 60 $175.00 $345.00
Female 60 $140.00 $275.00
Male 65 $225.00 $445.00
Female 65 $222.50 $440.00
Male 70 $402.50 $800.00
Female 70 $345.00 $685.00

How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance Rates for You

Finding the best term life insurances rates is possible once you determine how much coverage you need and what your budget is. For example, term life insurance rates for seniors may look very different than they do for younger people. Usually, the older you get, the higher the life insurance premium payments are.2

There are additional options when seeking life insurance for seniors. Besides term life insurance, seniors can explore whole life insurance plans if they are looking for coverage that lasts their entire life, regardless of when they pass (subject to limitations and exclusions).

It can be a wise choice to compare term life insurance rates to find the best option for you.

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