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Aflac in the News

How to avoid open-enrollment mistakes for health care benefits by Matthew Owenby featured in, August 2014

As summer winds down, it means it's time to go back to school, bundle up with the cooler temperatures and, of course, watch some football. For many people, fall means something else too: open enrollment for health care benefits.

Tips to Help Employees Become Smarter Healthcare Consumers by Tom Giddens featured in Small Business Trends, August 2014

As the current healthcare system continues to transition to more consumer-driven healthcare plans, employers will begin to see a unique reaction from employees. They’re hungry for information on benefits options, but they also feel overwhelmed and confused.

Insurance Costs and Coverage Worry Workers and Their Bosses featuring Matthew Owenby in BusinessNewsDaily, August 2014

In the midst of recent changes to the health care system and the ever-increasing costs of coverage, employer-offered benefits programs have been a hot topic of conversation among employees and businesses alike. For small businesses in particular, the issue of benefits may even cause a divisive rift between companies and their workers.

Small businesses are making smart choices: Brokers can help employers adopt best practices by Tye Elliott featured in, August 2014

Recent changes to the way employers think about health insurance have led many business leaders to focus on how their company can control costs and stay competitive, which at times comes at the expense of the workforce. However, brokers may have experienced that small-business clients are doing a few things right when it comes to providing smart health insurance options for employees.

Could Wages See a Significant Boost This Year? featuring Teresa White in, August 2014

Wage increases have remained anemic with the majority of American workers receiving a paltry 2% increase across many sectors and industries.

Forget six figures. We skateboard at lunch. featuring Matthew Owenby in, August 2014

For small business owners, every penny counts - but so does every perk. And while most small business owners provide at least some of the same basic benefits that bigger businesses do (healthcare, retirement savings, vacation time), they're also pulling out all the stops to lure -- and retain -- employees with flashy extras.

The Voluntary Advantage in 2014 by Tom Giddens featured in Voluntary Benefits Magazine, July 2014

Despite the heated political atmosphere around healthcare, it’s undeniable that we’re living through an exciting transition. Healthcare changes have significantly altered the structure of American health insurance and given brokers reason to be concerned about their role in the industry.

Navigating HR Challenges to Drive Opportunities by Ron Fields featured in Healthcare Reform Magazine, July 2014

With the changing healthcare benefits landscape, it’s important for agents and brokers to inform and prepare their clients about issues that may impact their company. To help your clients stay ahead of the HR curve, here are five key trends and benefits to watch in the months ahead.

Moving Beyond Open Enrollment: How the health care landscape can help you better serve your clients by Tye Elliott featured in Life & Health Advisor, July 2014

Four years ago, new health care legislation caused a shift in the benefits landscape, creating unique dynamics and challenges for employers as it progressed. Today, most of the benefits decisions have been made by your clients in order to adapt to the evolving health care landscape.

Fountain of Youth by Tye Elliott featured in Independent Agent, July 2014

“Get ’em while they’re young” is a familiar refrain for marketers. The underlying rationale is that securing brand loyalty at an early age ensures it will continue for a lifetime. But when it comes to life insurance, the prevailing opinion has long been that young adults are not prime candidates for coverage.

Impact of Health Care Reform in the Workplace by Tye Elliott featured in Insurance News Net, June 2014

The adaptation to health care reform has progressed through several phases, each unique in its dynamics and challenges for both employers and consumers.

3 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing and Gaining Ground by Tom Giddens featured in Small Business Trends, June 2014

As many business leaders spent the last year focused on cutting costs and staying competitive, small-business employers specifically took measures to hold fast – making careful choices about hiring, compensation and employee benefits options.

Understand the financial benefits of voluntary insurance by Matthew Owenby featured in, June 2014

Are you rolling the dice on your health? Do you think a serious accident, injury or illness won’t happen to you? … It could happen, but many people aren’t prepared for the financial ramifications of living without a paycheck, or underestimate the high out-of-pocket costs that accompany such an event.

Employee Benefits Are Disappearing Before Your Very Eyes featuring Teresa White and Matthew Owenby in, June 2014

Employers are slashing major medical plan options even more and shifting costs to employees who are forced to find other alternatives such as opening a health savings account (HSA).

Three Easy Ways to Grow Your DI Sales by J. Keith Pellerin featured in Advisor Today, May 2014

Accidents occur every second and affect all sorts of people. Whether it’s falling off the roof while stringing Christmas lights or slipping on a freshly mopped floor, things just happen. 

The role of voluntary insurance in an evolving health care landscape by Tye Elliott featured in, May 2014

With the ongoing conversation about the shift in the health care landscape, insurance benefits are top-of-mind for employees and expectations are changing. For today’s workforce, a well-rounded, comprehensive benefits plan is no longer an “extra” — it’s an expectation. 

Getting to Know Gen Z featuring Audrey Boone Tillman in Human Resource Executive, May 2014

When Audrey Boone Tillman entered the Westin Charlotte Hotel in 2007 to judge a regional competition of college students' community outreach projects, she noticed one big change from similar events she had attended in the past. … [Tillman added] "If, as an HR team, you've been out of touch with college-age students, then you're missing something. The way they work is different, and they're going to change the workplace." 

Worksite Wingmen for Brokers featuring Dan Lebish in California Broker, May 2014

Nearly all voluntary insurance products have become more popular over the past three years, according to a recent LIMRA study. In fact, 400,000 businesses are considering adding a new voluntary plan and another 120,000 are very much interested. … Below, executives give their take on this dynamic market. 

Employer Diversity Leaders featuring Teresa White in CAREERS & the disABLED,  April/May 2014

An executive profile feature highlighting Aflac's best practices on recruiting and diversity. 

Rumor confirmed: Accident, disability insurance can reduce workers’ compensation claims by Tye Elliott featured in, April 29, 2014

Producers have heard anecdotal tales about linking voluntary accident and disability insurance to reductions in workers’ compensation claims. However, there wasn’t any proof behind the rumors until now. 

Health Care Trends to Watch the Remainder of 2014 by Tom Giddens featured in Small Business Trends, April 29, 2014

Rising health care costs and greater employee benefits responsibilities continue to be a steady concern as the health care landscape evolves. The new health care trends and changes bring new worries for employees and employers alike. 

The Growing Importance of Disability Insurance featuring Tye Elliott in California Broker, April 2014

More than any other time in history, the health care landscape is evolving rapidly and employers and employees are struggling to navigate through the changes. 

Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims with Accident and Disability Insurance by Tom Giddens featured in Small Business Trends, April 28, 2014

There’s no doubt that the costs related to workers’ compensation claims are a universal concern for business owners. Gauging the financial impact of workers’ compensation claims can be burdensome and challenging in limiting those costs. 

Help Your Employees Find Money for Voluntary Health Insurance by Tom Giddens featured in Small Business Trends, April 23, 2014

As a small business owner, you’re unique in many ways. You’re responsible for your bottom line, and many times on the front line for your employees. You feel the pressure of the personal struggles each employee faces every day. 

Selling Employee Benefits in the New Health Care Era by Tom Giddens featured in  Advisor Today, March/April 2014

Helping workers make informed benefits decisions can be a challenge and shifts resulting from the Affordable Care Act mean, potentially, even more confusion. Helping employers and their employees understand the key aspects of benefits enrollment can help them better adjust to the new insurance landscape. It can also help you to leverage these changes to your advantage and find success during reform. 

Where to Find Your Next Star Employee by Tom Giddens featured in Independent Agent Magazine, March 2014

You’ve probably heard the adage, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” The same principle applies to hiring top insurance professionals. 

Key health care and benefits trends to watch in 2014 by Tye Elliott featured in, March 21, 2014

These changes make it even more important for employers and employees to know how to best manage health care costs and make smart benefits choices. Helping clients understand the ramifications of the health care law is a great return on investment for brokers when counseling them on benefits options. 

The Critical Truth About Critical Care Insurance by J. Keith Pellerin featured in Broker World, March 2014

Americans love to play the odds. They’ll bet on anything: a roll of the dice, a turn of the cards, the outcome of the Super Bowl, and even who will win American Idol or the pie-eating contest at the county fair. It’s no surprise that we’re a nation of risk-takers. … Unfortunately, American daring has a downside, too, as many an imprudent gambler has discovered. Experienced risk-takers quickly learn to bet only what they can afford to lose, avoiding wagers that might result in financial ruin.

Empower Your Employees by Audrey Boone Tillman featured in HRO Today, March 2014

Having employees take more control of their health and wellness benefits is on the agenda for many HR executives in 2014. So HRO Today asked two experts to offer their insight into engaging employees in consumer-driven healthcare. Audrey Tillman, Aflac’s executive vice president of corporate services, and Alan Spiro, chief medical officer for Accolade, address the state of health benefits and offer some best practices to get your workforce behind the driver’s wheel of their health and healthcare management.

5 Benefits & HR Trends to Watch in 2014 by Audrey Boone Tillman featured in Benefits & Wellness Excellence Essentials, February 2014

This year benefits and HR issues are anything but status quo. The health care landscape is shifting, the economy is still in the midst of recovery and the workforce is rapidly changing. To help you to track what’s coming next, here are five key benefits and HR trends to watch in 2014. 

Open Doors by Tom Giddens featured in IA Magazine, February 2014

It’s February and the open enrollment season has wrapped up—but that doesn’t mean you should stop communicating with your clients. Even though open enrollment season is when agents and brokers communicate most with their customers—and when employers traditionally talk to their employees about benefits—it’s important to maintain that communication all year round. 

Term life: Financial security that rings true in the New Year by J. Keith Pellerin featured in National Underwriter Life & Health Magazine, February 2014

Life insurance continues to be a high-demand benefit, appealing to workers who want to protect their families’ lifestyles if the worst should happen. 

The Post-Health Care Reform Advisor by Tom Giddens featured in Life & Health Advisor, February 2014

Despite the political atmosphere around health care reform, it’s undeniable that we’re living through an exciting transition. Health care reform has significantly altered the structure of American health insurance and given health insurance brokers reason to be concerned about their role in the industry. However, as we like to say at Aflac, change brings opportunity. 

In An Era of Health Care Volatility, Supplemental Benefits Offer Security People Can Count On by Ron Fields featured in HealthCare Consumerism Solutions, January/February 2014

Helping workers make informed benefits decisions can often be a challenge — even without massive change and confusion. In light of recent industry shifts and heightened concern about the costs of health care, the potential for confusion is higher than ever. And yet, in the midst of all this anxiety is an opportunity — for employers, employees and agents. Voluntary insurance plans can help provide a safety net that is welcomed by workers who are increasingly shouldering the costs of health care. 

The Supplemental Silver - Add Benefits & Reduce Costs by Audrey Boone Tillman featured in Benefits & Wellness Excellence Essentials, January 2014

Changes in the health care landscape provide many opportunities for health care professionals. The complex, evolving nature of regulations has left many workers confused, leaving room for benefits consultants to market their expertise to employees. When it comes to consumer advocacy and knowledge about health insurance, a company’s HR professional is the best navigator. 

2014 Carrier Forecast – Right People and Right Products to Thrive in Today’s Health Care Industry by Dan Lebish featured in Broker World, January 2014

It’s no secret that U.S. health care is undergoing a major overhaul. Regardless of whether you believe this is for the better or worse, change in the industry can’t be ignored. Our focus should not be on the political strife that consumes so many insurance-oriented conversations, but rather on the business-to-business opportunities it creates. 

Vision Insurance in Your Benefit Portfolio by Tom Giddens featured in California Broker, January 2014

... As one of the states with a highly connected population, California is statistically above the national connectivity average, according to the Census Bureau. This likely means that residents spend more time online on a computer or smart device. So how does this translate to employee eyesight? Assuming that the higher connectivity levels correspond to more time spent looking at a screen; employees could be putting strain on their eyes. 

Don't Delay Preparation for Health Care Reform featuring Audrey Boone Tillman in Car Wash, Winter 2014

… This is an important step to reducing anxiety and confusion for employees, said Audrey Boone Tillman, vice president of corporate services for Aflac. “One of the most common mistakes we’re seeing is lack of benefits communication between employers and employees,” Tillman said.