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Advisor know-how:
5 resources to help you thrive as an Aflac agent

The freedom of entrepreneurship—minus the anxiety of going it alone. The power of working with an internationally known brand—minus the income ceiling and nine-to-five cubicle life.

That’s the “best of both worlds” advantage of becoming an Aflac agent. Where solo entrepreneurship is both exciting and scary, becoming an Aflac insurance agent gives you the invigorating experience of working for yourself while erasing the anxiety of going it alone or building a brand entirely from scratch. At every step, you’ll have the resources of a Fortune 500 company working for you behind the scenes.

Read on to learn about just five of the resources that Aflac gives its insurance agents, helping them care for their communities so that we can all thrive together.

  1. Best-in-class agent training and mentorship

    Mentoring is a part of our culture. In fact, some of our most successful producers credit mentorship with bringing them to Aflac—even when they weren’t necessarily looking to join the flock.1 And with our classroom- and field-based training, novices and experienced salespeople alike will learn what they need to know to kick off a successful insurance sales career.

  2. Extensive e-learning opportunities

    Our training began as classroom- and field-based, but even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood that part of the joy of being an Aflac producer was the ability to work where and when you wanted. Enter our virtual courses, which allow you to learn more at your own pace. These offerings aren’t limited to new agents, either—at any point in your Aflac sales career, you can take courses such as “Worksite Selling: Mastering the Employee Conversation” and “Business Development: Prospecting.”2

  3. Proprietary research and market insights

    Your clients or broker partners you work with will expect you to know the benefits landscape, and Aflac has the information to help you be a true benefits advisor. Our annual Aflac WorkForces Report is an industry leader, sharing data on trends such as benefits enrollment, generational benefits preferences, attitudes about medical bills and more. It’s a great tool that’s publicly available—so we also supply you with exclusive market research that will give you a leg up.

  4. Tech tools that make your work easier

    Open enrollment tools. Customizable website templates. Personalized video tools. Easy-to-use social media content designed for you to borrow and share. With every digital tool we create for our producers, we have an eye on one simple goal: How can we use technology to streamline our agents’ workloads so that they can focus on caring for their clients? Our continually growing suite of tools does just that.

  5. Bonuses

    OK, this isn’t a resource—except in the way that it gives you more room to enjoy your time or grow your business. We have bonuses built into your sales career from the very beginning: First-year Aflac agents who hit every benchmark will earn $13,700 just in bonuses, in addition to the commission on the business they generate.3 And that doesn’t stop after your first year, as Aflac offers renewals on booked business, and our Veteran Incentive Plan compensates you for each quarterly attainment of your target.

Take the first step toward entrepreneurship.