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How to become an insurance agent

Do you have an ability to connect with people and a desire to help others in your community? If so, a career as an insurance agent may come naturally to you. The truth about being an agent – and about becoming one – is that while it takes tenacity and discipline; the work itself might not be as difficult as you think.

The level of success an insurance agent achieves is often determined more by determination and willingness to learn than by prior industry knowledge.

Qualities of a good insurance agent

  • A willingness to learn. Aflac’s first-year training program equips prospects with the tools they need and informs them on how to become a successful agent.
  • Grit, dedication, fortitude or persistence. Whatever you call it, having the drive to produce at a high level is a quality for success.
  • An ability to connect with people. Connections aren’t one-sided, so dazzle alone won’t cut it. Focusing and prioritizing clients’ needs above yours can lead to a successful outcome.
  • A desire to help. You wouldn’t be in this career if you didn’t care about the well-being of others – whether you’re outspoken about it or not. Caring for others is visible, which can lead to strong relationships.
  • Adaptability. A sales pitch isn’t one-size-fits-all, meaning each decision-maker has different needs and requirements. Having the flexibility to meet at various locations and discuss diverse subjects is essential.
  • An ability to use what you’ve got. You don’t need a college degree or insurance or sales experience to become an insurance agent. But the life experience you bring to this job can be helpful. Qualities of a good insurance agent can be found in all walks of life, including interests in education, sports, arts, business and other topics.

Requirements to become an insurance agent

  • A license. Many carriers offer or discount pre-licensing study resources to help you succeed. Depending on what type of coverage you work with, you may need a license for life insurance, health insurance or both. Specifics vary by state and your local recruiter can advise you on the Becoming – and succeeding as – an insurance agent criteria for your area.
  • A carrier that supports you. Though not technically a requirement, it’s highly recommended to work with a carrier that devotes attention to developing its agents. This relationship can help you channel all the qualities listed above – your adaptability, your willingness to learn and your ability to connect with people – into a successful career.

Before you get started, you may be asking how long it takes to become an insurance agent. If you’re with a carrier that provides training and licensing assistance, you can begin working as soon as you have your license and have been appointed with the carrier.

Whatever your background, if you’re interested in the industry, remember that it’s less about having prior industry or sales experience and more about desire to help others. That motivation pays off – literally and figuratively.

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