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What is a care provider today?
(Hint: It might be you)

Not long ago, if you asked people to define the term “essential worker,” they’d probably come up with things like doctors and firefighters. But the pandemic has shown that the term “essential” goes far beyond that, extending to grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, hardware store employees, child care providers and more.

Now take that expansive mindset and apply it to the care professions. Doctors, home health aides, therapists, child care and elder care staff—yes, of course. What about the insurance agents that help connect those who provide benefits with those who need them most?

Aflac knows that “insurance agents” should mean “agents of care”

When you’re an insurance agent working with Aflac, you’re doing more than just selling policies door to door. You’re becoming an advisor to your clients, working with them to help keep their workforce healthy and attract the best talent. And you’re becoming a line of support for their employees too. As an Aflac insurance agent, you’ll:

  • Consult with business leaders to help solve their benefits dilemmas. On any given day, you might be advising a client on the advantages of a new product, setting up enrollment for a new staffer or evaluating a client’s current offerings to see if they are still right for their benefits goals. And when you do that, you’re making your clients’ jobs easier because you’re helping solve a problem. Some clients work with Aflac because they know employee benefits inside and out; they like our approach and know the reputation of our trusted brand. But others may work with us because they don’t know as much about employee benefits as they’d like—making you, with the backing of Aflac’s training program and ongoing resources, a teacher, ally and consultant.
  • Help people get the coverage they need in a changing world. Fewer than 20% of employees consider themselves a pro in understanding their benefits—even though nearly 30% of employee compensation comes in the form of those benefits.1,2 Not only do Aflac insurance agents help people understand the options available to them, but they also help answer policyholders’ questions so that they can get the care they need.
  • Provide solutions that care for what people care about most. In a system where two-thirds of bankruptcies stem from medical costs, protecting people’s health also means protecting their finances.3 People want peace of mind that they can pay their bills or provide for their loved ones without worrying about how they will afford it. Health insurance is a strong start, but it was never designed to cover all health care costs. That’s where the benefits that you offer with Aflac can be most helpful.

Being an insurance agent doesn’t make you a “care provider” in the way that it’s defined in legalese. But it makes you someone who provides care—for yourself, for your family and for the community you live in.

Care isn’t one-way at Aflac
Aflac doesn’t let our agents do all the caring, of course. Just as our agents care for their clients, we care for our agents. Because Aflac agents work on a commission basis, there is no earnings limit. This gives you the means to give yourself and the people you love the kind of care you’re offering to the community, all while setting your own schedule and working at your preferred pace.

We also provide ongoing education and other resources, including proprietary research, best-in-class digital tools and training both in the field and virtually. (Think of it as venturing out as an entrepreneur—but with the backing of a Fortune 500 company.)

Ready to become an Agent of Care?