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Life can change in a second. Be ready.

Accidents happen. Financial hardship doesn't have to. We pay you cash benefits in the event of a covered injury, so you can focus on recovery instead of your finances.

Aflac Accident Insurance

Aflac offers supplemental accident insurance that helps with what your health insurance plan might not cover. We pay cash benefits directly to you (unless assigned otherwise) to be used however you choose.

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Accidents can happen all around the home, like when you are cleaning your gutters.

Trouble strikes.

You are cleaning your gutters when the ladder slips and you fall off.

Doctor exams the broken arm in an x-ray.

You are taken to the ER by ambulance.

The physician visit and x-ray in the ER reveals a dislocated hip and a broken wrist.

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Aflac helps give you peace of mind.

Cash benefits are paid directly to you (unless you choose otherwise), helping ease the financial stress of your accident.

Father and his son hugging.

You get your money fast.

Claims made on your Aflac Accident Indemnity Advantage® 1 policy are paid fast, so unexpected bills don't have to leave you sidelined.

How could a broken leg affect you financially?

The average cost of a broken leg is $7,274.2

After major medical coverage, you could still owe $2,910 in out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by your insurance.3

Cost Calculator

Medical Expenses $7,274
Avg. Insurance Coverage 60%

Remaining Expenses*

Aflac Supplemental Coverage:


weekly coverage as low as a box of adhesive bandages.4

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What Real Customers Are Saying

  • Sometimes in life unexpected things happen.

    I've had three knee replacements. I didn't expect it and I didn't really plan for it but, when you have a partner, like Aflac, it'll be OK on the other side. And that's meaningful for me because I value being valued, and that's the kind of feeling you get from Aflac.


    Aflac Accident Policyholder

    Johnnie is a real policyholder. This is her story. Your benefits from Aflac may differ. Johnnie was paid for her time in telling this story.

You’ve Got This

It’s time to activate peace of mind for you or your employees. First, choose the option below that best describes you.

I would like coverage for:

My employees