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I’ve had 3 knee replacements, and I’ll never forget what Aflac has done for me.

– Johnnie

What is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance policies1 help provide support when life’s most unexpected moments arrive. Supplemental accident insurance is meant to be purchased in addition to your primary policy. It helps pay the bills that your major medical insurance doesn’t completely cover.

This helps provide peace of mind when new and unexpected injury costs occur. Aflac works by paying benefits regardless of your current plan. This gives you extra support and financial relief during these covered accidents.

What Does an Accident Policy Help Cover?

When an accident occurs, there can be a great deal of treatment fees that exist outside of hospital bills. Aflac pays you cash benefits directly (unless assigned), which can be used for any of these services:

  • Ambulance

    Ambulance Rides

    Provides financial assistance if an ambulance is required to transport you to the hospital.

  • Heart

    Intensive Care Costs

    Helps cover the treatments and procedures needed to restore your health.

  • Clipboard

    Major Diagnostic Test & Exam Fees

    Assists with the cost of x-rays, blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, and any other exams needed to assess the injury at hand.

  • Hospital

    Therapy Charges

    Anticipates the need for therapy, both physically and emotionally, to recover from the impact of the accident.

  • Crutches

    Rehabilitation Costs

    Aids any facilities or programs needed to create a seamless recovery.

  • Patient with heart

    Family Support Benefits

    Provides benefits your family can use too, like cash payments for medical bills or everyday expenses.

  • Is Accident Insurance Worth It?

    Accidents happen, big or small, and always at the wrong time. No warning, no time beforehand to reallocate funds, but a surprise injury with a hefty price tag.

    So, if you’re pondering, “do I need accident insurance?” we encourage you to look at the premiums on your current health insurance plan. Having an added layer of supplemental accident insurance can help fill the holes that your primary insurance may be missing.

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    Injuries and Emergency Services Covered

    Aflac’s accidental injury insurance helps cover a wide span of events, from emergency situations to more common accidents. On one side of the spectrum, we provide coverage for burns, comas, paralysis, concussions, dislocations, and lacerations. While crisis injuries can occur, there are a laundry list of common injuries that need attention too. Aflac also helps cover fractures, broken teeth, eye injuries, and pain management, like epidurals.

    There are many additional costs on top of treating the injury that may not be covered under your primary medical coverage. Aflac can help pay for ambulance rides, physical therapy, CT Scans, MRIs, hospital confinement and medical equipment.

  • An Inside Look at Monte's Accident

    Monte has a standard health insurance plan with a $500 deductible. He has a small cushion in his bank account saved for a rainy day. He considers himself a graceful guy but found himself tripping and tumbling down a flight of stairs, breaking his leg. After an ambulance picked him up and performed a few tests, the doctor recommended 3 months of physical therapy.

    His total medical expenses came out to $10,099.2 After filing a claim with his initial insurance, he still owes over $4,039.3 With Aflac’s accident plan, Monte receives $2,670 in cash benefits to help lower that burden.4 Aflac’s personal injury insurance helps Monte keep his rainy-day fund looking sunny.

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    How Much Does an Accident Policy Cost?

    Accident insurance costs are low, especially when you factor in the potential savings. You can apply for an accident policy that provides weekly coverage for less than the cost of a box of bandages!5 You can spend the same amount per week on an accident policy as you do household first aid.

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