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Leadership and Analyst Program (LeAP)

Aflac Leadership and Analyst Program logo

Aflac understands that the next generation of business leaders and professionals is the biggest key to our ongoing success, growth, and innovation. Our commitment to rising leaders runs strong, and we have created the perfect platform for recent graduates to take flight in their careers.

The Aflac Leadership and Analyst Program (known as LeAP), offers an elite opportunity for top graduates to get division-wide rotational exposure and experience in their related majors, disciplines, and fields of interest. The program is designed to provide career development and job-enrichment opportunities while allowing candidates to grow and blossom into Aflac's future workforce of professional thought leaders.

To be eligible for the LeAP program, applicants must have graduated with their bachelor’s and/or master’s degree, as well as having achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher in their program. For more information on the program, please contact University Relations.

Information Technology Apprenticeship (ITA)

Aflac Information Technology Apprenticeship logo

Aflac realizes that technology sets the course for global business administration and rests at the epicenter of creating a recognizable brand, staying relevant in the marketplace, and building longstanding relationships with diverse customer bases. With this clear insight, we have developed a strategy to prepare recent graduates in the various fields of technology to thrive in such an ever-changing industry.

The Information Technology Apprenticeship (ITA) serves exclusively in the field of IT as a two-year rotational program. The purpose of ITA is to accelerate the development of college graduates to become best-in-class IT professionals, providing career development and job enrichment opportunities that will enable participants to sustain and enhance noticeable potential of the Aflac IT division.

For more information on the program, please contact University Relations.