Coverage for every stage of your life.

Whether you are a new homeowner, recently married or divorced, a parent or grandparent, or are looking to retire soon, Aflac Life Insurance is a good idea to consider to ensure your family is protected in the long run.

You hope to help ensure financial stability for your family’s future. So, based on your needs and budget, you pick a policy with a face amount of $200,000.

You receive a terminal diagnosis

You receive $100,000 (50% of the face amount) which can help cover medical bills, everyday expenses, and income if you are unable to work.

Your family faces the worst-case scenario

Your family receives an advanced claim payment of $5,000 to help with immediate costs. See Limitations and Exclusions for details.

Your family can spend less time worrying about money

The remaining $95,000 in benefits are paid directly to your beneficiaries so they can keep up with ongoing expenses.

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Find out how much life insurance you need

The Aflac Life Insurance Calculator can help estimate the amount of life insurance coverage you'll need to help keep your loved ones financially secure.

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Enhance your coverage
with these add-ons.

10-Year Term Life Insurance Rider

Aflac will pay up to 50% of the policy’s face amount for life insurance coverage on the insured individual.

(RIDER B60050) (ISSUE AGES 18–70)

Waiver of Premium Benefit Rider

If you become totally disabled under the terms of this rider, you will not have to pay your policy premiums.*

* Please refer to the Limitations and Exclusions for more information.

Accidental-Death Benefit Rider

If death occurs in a covered accident, Aflac will match the face amount of your policy in cash.*

* Coverage only applies if death is the result of a covered accident and occurs within 180 days of the covered accident. Aflac will pay an additional 25% of the face amount selected if the insured’s death is the result of an automobile accident while wearing an unaltered, properly-fastened seat belt installed by the manufacturer, and the insured was not at fault for the accident, according to the police report.

Child Term Life Insurance Rider

Aflac will pay $15,000 for life insurance coverage for each insured dependent child up to age 25.*

* To become insured, the child must be at least 14 days old and younger than 18 years old at the time of application. Insurance on each newborn child will become effective on the later of: (1) the date the child attains the age of 14 days, or (2) the date the child is first released from the hospital after birth.
(RIDER B60053)

Invest in your peace of mind for the big and little moments in life