The health care landscape is shifting; stay ahead with easy-to-use data to relate to your business.

Aflac examines the issues impacting employee benefits trends and attitudes. We survey American workers, business decision-makers and brokers to identify their perception and understanding of benefits in the workplace.

HCR14009 6/9/15

Fast Facts

Health care reform will have a major and potentially long-lasting effect on the way employees seek information about their health care coverage.

Survey Findings Presentation

As health care reform regulations continue to go into effect, workers have more choices than ever and businesses have many complex strategies to manage.

Impact of Benefit Decisions

How companies formulate their benefits package will have implications greater than just cost. Learn about key decision points for your business.

2014 WorkForces Report

The annual employee benefits study examines the issues impacting benefits trends and attitudes. Get key findings and advice on how to use them for a strategic advantage.

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Aflac lets you make robust benefits options available, while helping to protect your budget. Even with health care reform, Aflac continues to be the right choice for your workforce.

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Aflac Hospital Advantage

Heath Care Reform doesn't cover every hospital expense. Learn how we help fill in the blanks.

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Uncover the real cost of an illness or injury, even if you have major medical insurance.