Health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), affects employers of all sizes. Even employers who are not intending to provide health benefits to their employees will need to pay attention to some of the new provisions, and all employers with a health care plan must address compliance requirements in the years ahead.

Several provisions in the new law pose strategic issues for employers. This means businesses must make some key decisions regarding health care benefits for their employees, followed by both appropriate implementation actions and adequate communications.

With nearly 1,000 pages of health care reform legislation and hundreds of thousands of pages of new regulations, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The following booklet will help your business to address important compliance issues and potential benefits strategies to help you navigate employer-provided benefits amidst health care reform, including:

  1. Basic Benefits Design Requirements
  2. Implementation Timeline
  3. Fundamental “Play or pay” Considerations
  4. Employer-Sponsored Benefits Strategies

As details of the new health care reform legislation are established, you can rely on Aflac to provide you with ongoing updates at