Understanding Health Care Reform

Health care reform can be complicated; Aflac can help you understand the basics.

Health care concerns are not new, but the many requirements of the Affordable Care Act are. You don’t have to wade through thousands of pages of “legalese” to get the key facts; Aflac has clarified the key provisions for you. By understanding the new regulations and actively managing benefits strategies, businesses can make smart benefits choices that wisely manage health care dollars and protect their employees.


Just the facts

Simplify compliance details with a straight-forward list. Review these key provisions outlined by the Small Business Administration.

Why voluntary insurance matters for businesses

Voluntary insurance (also known as supplemental benefits) has long served as a way to help protect the policyholder when they are sick or injured – regardless of what their major medical insurance covers. Still now, as health care costs continue to rise and plans focus to meet consumer demand, voluntary insurance is even more relevant and plays a key role in overall financial planning.

Exchange details

What’s the difference between the government marketplace and a private exchange? Get the details about each with these easy-to-use resources.