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We see what your employees need: Aflac’s new vision insurance options

You probably already know that Aflac has supplemental insurance offerings. But it’s time to take a close look at one of Aflac’s newer options: network vision coverage. Last year, we began offering Aflac Vision Insurance and Aflac Dental Insurance—two forms of coverage that can help meet some of the greatest demands your workforce has.

Your employees will see the benefit of network coverage

Vision insurance is universally popular. In fact, employees ranked vision coverage among the top five most important benefits offered by employers in the Aflac 2020-2021 WorkForces Report. More than a third of employees listed vision insurance as a leading priority, just behind life insurance.1

It’s no wonder, either, when you look at the numbers: Almost 197 million American adults need vision correction, according to The Vision Council.2 And this care isn’t cheap—the average pair of glasses costs more than $250 and is replaced once a year. Kids usually outgrow or need to replace eyeglasses even more often.3

But just because people need vision care doesn’t mean they have insurance for it. Only 50% of American adults have any kind of vision insurance or managed vision care (MVC).4 And even though experts recommend that all children between ages three and five have their vision screened at least once, only 39% of preschool children have had their vision tested.5

Enter Aflac Vision Insurance. It’s different from supplemental vision insurance—in fact, it works more like health insurance, in that Aflac pays benefits directly to providers. Employees can visit an in- or out-of-network eye care provider and receive their treatment, and then Aflac pays the provider according to the plan specifications. There are advantages to both models, but some people may find the network-based coverage more convenient.

Vision care isn’t just about your eyes

Vision correction is the core of eye care, of course. But it doesn’t stop there. Eye screenings can help people find the early signs of some serious medical conditions—including ones that don’t seem directly related to the eyes. Eye doctors can be the first to spot the signs of high blood pressure and diabetes,5 and they can raise a red flag for conditions such as thyroid cancer. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that early treatment is crucial in preventing eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration from causing permanent vision loss.5

Think of it as getting even more value for the time you put into this benefit: You can help your workforce see the world more clearly, and at the same time give them a tool that can result in early interventions. This can help avoid costly and catastrophic health issues down the road, saving you and your employees from the expenses associated with delayed care.

The Aflac Vision Insurance network

When you give your staff the option of Aflac Vision Insurance coverage, you give them a passport to a network of nearly 100,000 access points for eye care throughout the United States. That includes some of the country’s largest provider chains—Costco Optical, Walmart/Sam’s Club, America’s Best, National Vision Inc. and Visionworks. An exclusive collection of frames features more than 200 frames offered to members at low or no out-of-pocket cost and is available at nearly 9,000 locations. The plan also gives members access to e-commerce options for glasses and replacement contacts, with direct shipping to members’ homes.

Member services in- and out-of-network include: vision exams and contact lens evaluations; eyeglass frames; eyeglass lenses (including single, bifocal, trifocal or lenticular lenses); progressive lenses; polarized and highindex lenses; scratch-resistant and ultraviolet coating; and contact lenses.6

A benefit that your employees want, plus an expansive provider network? You don’t have to have 20/20 vision to see why Aflac Vision Insurance is a winner.

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