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Open enrollment is coming — this checklist helps get you ready

Open enrollment can sneak up on you. Get ahead of the game now to avoid scrambling later — your future self thanks you.


  • Contact your agent or broker to discuss your approaching enrollment.
  • Discuss with your agent or broker any remote or virtual enrollment needs for employees who are offsite.
  • Plan your employee communications strategy, including a timeline.
  • Review benefits terminology so that you can explain it to your team.
  • Prepare materials that communicate the value of employee benefits in easy-to-understand language.
  • Ask your agent or broker what materials they have to assist with open enrollment communications.
  • Create a timeline for internal discussions and communications with stakeholders, such as payroll, finance and key decision-makers.


  • Review the latest federal and state benefits compliance guidelines.
  • If the size of your staff has changed: Check whether that changes your status under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Create a plan for preparing or accessing the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.
  • Identify all enrollment-related materials that employees will need to submit.
  • Identify all enrollment-related materials that you will need to submit.


  • Discuss with your agent or broker any changes in how enrollment should be conducted — face-to-face, virtually, by phone, etc.
  • Contact carriers about any changes in coverage.
  • If using an enrollment platform: Evaluate or test it, even if you did so last year.
  • Solicit feedback from employees about the successes and pain points of your current benefits package.
  • Explain changes in coverage to your staff.
  • Consider how coverage changes made during the Covid-19 pandemic may or may not apply to your business going forward.
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