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Men have increased health risks, make sure they are protected

When you think of men’s health, you might think of things like prostate cancer, which strikes nearly 250,000 men each year.1 But in truth, men’s health extends to all parts of their bodies, to include mental well-being.

When it comes to physical health, men:

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Are more likely to have chronic illnesses such as liver disease.2

When it comes to behavior, men:

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Are less likely to have health insurance.7

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Are twice as likely to have hearing loss between ages 20-69.3

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Are more likely to smoke or binge drink.5,6

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Live five years less on average.4

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Two-thirds say they avoid going to the doctor for as long as possible.8

Aflac coverage that pays cash benefits for wellness exams can help men stay on top of their health. Contact your Aflac benefits advisor or visit to learn more.

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