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Benefits Trends

Businesses with 250 to 999 employees

Employee Results

Surveyed 402 Employees

69% of employees are enrolled in major medical/health insurance through their employer.

Employees are enrolled in the following voluntary benefits through their employer:

33% supplemental life insurance.
38% long-term disability insurance.
38% short-term disability insurance.
44% voluntary dental insurance.
40% voluntary vision insurance.
34% accident insurance.
14% cancer or other specified disease insurance.
17% critical illness insurance.
23% voluntary hospital insurance.
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Employees say they would most like their employers to offer the following during open enrollment:

48% say health and wellness discounts.
36% say health reimbursement account.
33% say home or auto insurance discounts.
29% say flexible spending account.
28% say scholarship or tuition reimbursement.
21% say identify theft or fraud protection.

Employees say they would prefer an insurance agent to communicate with them via the following:

40% Email
25% In person
15% Phone
9% Mail
6% Text
6% Online live chat
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Importance of Benefits
62% of employees would be at least somewhat likely to accept a job offer that included a slightly lower compensation but a more robust benefits package.
36% percent of employees say that improving their benefits package is one thing their employer could do to keep them in their job.
Value of Benefits
68% of employees say if their employer offered voluntary insurance benefits, they would be at least somewhat likely to purchase them.
55% of employees say they strongly or completely consider voluntary insurance benefits to be a part of a comprehensive benefits program.
87% agree they see a growing need for voluntary insurance.
35% have left a job or turned down a job offer due to the benefits offered.
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Financial Well-being
57% of employees would be able to pay less than $1,000 for out-of-pocket expenses if an unexpected serious illness or accident occurred today.
20% of employees say that due to high medical costs they have avoided going to the doctor; 19% have delayed a medical procedure.
28% of employees say that within the last year, they or a family member had to miss a week or more of work due to illness or injury.
16% of employees say they could only go one week without a paycheck; 45% could go less than one month.

Employees say that a benefits package is at least somewhat important to:

96% Job satisfaction
91% Loyalty to employer
89% Work productivity
96% Well-being
95% Financial health
About the Study

Lightspeed conducted the 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report on behalf of Aflac.

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