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Aflac Fraud Protection, Powered by EZShield

When you protect your employees, you help protect your bottom line.

Aflac Fraud Protection helps alleviate the burden of fraud and identity theft with an all-encompassing “Secure, Monitor, Restore” approach to protecting personal information and finances – while also allowing for continued productivity in your workplace.

Considering the vast amount of personally identifiable information shared online and exposed in data breaches, it’s more critical than ever to help your employees protect their personal, financial and credit information.

  • Identity theft affects over 15 million U.S. Consumers per year.1
  • The average cost for an identity theft incident is $1,039.1

At Aflac, we know peace of mind is important to you and your employees. Aflac Fraud Protection, Powered by EZShield, gives you the opportunity to take that one step further for your employees, while reaping protective benefits for your business as well.

Services include:

  • Online Identity Vault, a digital wallet for encrypted personal information, documents and images
  • Password manager
  • Expert protection tips and timely news to include breach and fraud news alerts
  • Activity report
  • Internet Monitoring to include baseline fraud exposure report of your personal information on black market websites
  • Daily monitoring for personal information (stored in your Online Identity Vault) sold on black market websites
  • Access to a Certified Resolution Specialist to provide a fully-managed restoration services and 1-on-1 dedicated care
  • End2End DefenseSM 32-step recovery process designed to discover, isolate & prevent future fraud due to lost/stolen wallet, breached data, fraud or ID theft

Aflac has entered into a marketing alliance with EZShield whereby EZShield may provide one year of complimentary identity theft protection from EZShield to individuals who are employees of accounts that choose to make EZShield available to them. Other than this marketing alliance, Aflac and EZShield are not affiliated in any way. Aflac makes no representations or warranties regarding EZShield’s identity theft protection, and is not responsible for any products or services provided by EZShield. If you have questions regarding EZShield’s identity theft protection, please contact EZShield. The one year of complimentary identity theft protection provided by EZShield is not available to accounts located in ID, MN, MO or NY. EZShield is not available to residents of ID or MN. Additional state restrictions may apply and benefits may vary by state.

Affordable Care Act Compliance and Reporting Services

One more reason Aflac is a top choice for business solutions

The deadline for Affordable Care Act reporting compliance is here. With these requirements come big challenges for businesses in the form of time-consuming data tracking, form preparation, filing and ongoing monitoring. Non-compliance is not an option. So with all of the complexities involved, how can employers be sure they are fully compliant?

Aflac is here to offer our customers the best ACA solutions available. We have partnered with three top reporting companies not only to make it simple for employers to get necessary ACA reporting services, but to get them at preferred rates.

Preferred Providers Offer Our Customers:

  • Compliance assurance through ongoing tracking of employee eligibility.
  • Communication support, improving efficiency by eliminating the need for internal resources to collect and distribute communications.
  • Analytics and testing to reduce risk of fines and fees.
  • ACA Hotline support to answer employers’ and employees’ ACA-related questions.

This is general information about an evolving topic and does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice regarding any specific situation. Aflac cannot anticipate all the facts that a particular employer or individual will have to consider in their benefits decision-making process. We strongly encourage readers to discuss their Health Care Reform situations with their advisors to determine the actions they need to take or to visit for additional information.

Cafeteria Plans:

Looking for a way to save? Let Aflac help make tax savings easy for you and give your employees the savings they deserve through Section 125 Cafeteria Plans. With Aflac cafeteria plans, you can reduce your employees’ taxable income, thereby reducing your share of FICA and FUTA taxes. This could mean a savings for you and your employees. The administration of flexible spending account plans doesn’t have to be complicated. WageWorks can work with you to implement and assist with administration of a Flexible Spending Account plan at minimal cost.

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