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3 things to know about the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act is designed to protect your clients’ employees from surprise medical costs. This win for health care consumers helps protect them from surprise out-of-network bills for emergency and ancillary care. It’s part of a movement toward more protection and transparency for anyone who uses health care. A separate administrative mandate from 2020 states that hospitals must publicly display negotiated and no-insurance prices for services.

Here are three things to know about what the No Surprises Act means for you, your clients and their workforce:

1. No surprise emergency bills: Most emergency services must be treated on an in-network basis. 1

2. No upcharge for ancillary care: You can’t be charged out-of-network prices for support care (such as an anesthesiologist) at an in-network facility. 1

3. No notice, no surprise: Health care providers and facilities must notify you and receive your consent before administering out-of-network care in most non-emergency cases. 1

Want to help protect employees from the costs of other types of unexpected medical bills? Check out Aflac’s full insurance product offering and talk with your Aflac representative.