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Meet the people who put you and your clients first

Some of the more technical parts of being a benefits broker probably required a steep learning curve when you were starting out—products, underwriting, regulatory requirements. But there’s something more fundamental and just as important that you had to bring with you on day one: a commitment to exceptional service.

Mentors and managers can teach you the ropes—but they can’t teach you to care about getting people what they need. That’s just a part of who you are.

We’re the same way. We see the business reasons for providing great service: More than half of American consumers will switch companies because they’re not getting the service they need,1 so it stands to reason that brokers will go elsewhere if we don’t treat them right. But business isn’t the #1 reason place such a high priority on our broker service experience. We do it because, like you, it’s just who we are.

“We’re supposed to manage risk, right?” says Anastasia Watson, a client relationship manager. “So we know what’s coming based on our experience. And we can help.” That help takes many forms, but its underlying principle is simple: connecting brokers with the people and services they need to help their own clients.

From the day we first speak with candidates about joining Aflac Group’s client management team—the people who support you in keeping things running smoothly for your clients and maintaining the relationships that make your business soar—we have an eye out for the qualities that matter: communication, knowledge and care.

We believe communication solves problems

You shouldn’t have to email 12 people at your carrier to get what you need, whether it’s help setting up an enrollment platform or product materials to educate employees. That’s why you’ll have a client relationship manager, a direct line of contact who gives you answers.

But just having a single point of contact isn’t enough. “We’re doing our best to keep lines of communication open,” says Joye Keys, a client relationship manager. “Stuff can get lost in the shuffle with a bunch of emails coming through, so we take the time to recognize that there’s a human being on the other side of that email. We’re showing transparency and being supportive.”

That support begins with the basics: “We show up,” Watson says. “Think about a time you needed help and no one showed up, or how frustrated you get in everyday situations when you’re not getting the answers you need. You don’t want somebody to feel like that, so the most important thing you can do in this business is show up, be accountable and make sure you’re getting people the solutions they need.”

We believe knowledge goes beyond information

We train and educate our broker support teams so they know where to go for answers to any questions you or your clients might have. But simply sharing facts is a low bar for what constitutes “support.” As Keys puts it, “My eyes are pretty well-wired to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s at this point. But I can also see what needs to occur from beginning to end and really look at things from a holistic perspective.”

Aflac Group’s client relationship managers know how our products work as well as account experience moves throughout the company. Because you have one main point of contact throughout your relationship with Aflac, you’ll have someone who understands what it means for you when a client suddenly expands its workforce. You’ll have someone who understands the effect of complex regulatory changes on your business. And you’ll have someone who knows your history with your clients, helping you spot opportunities and supporting you when you seize them.

We believe care goes beyond claims

Like we said, we can’t teach people to care. So when we’re hiring, we look for flexibility, a willingness to go with the flow and the confidence to be proactive. “I can’t tell a candidate that they’ll never work long hours—but I can tell them that if they get something done without waiting until it’s a problem, they’re going to do very well here,” Keys says.

That level of dedication might explain why Watson’s husband, who works in a different industry, once remarked to her, “I don’t understand—you guys treat everything like an emergency.” Her response: “But for a client manager, it is.”

As with anything involving people’s health, sometimes those emergencies are literal. But other times, that urgency is the equivalent of preventive care. We consistently evaluate accounts when they’re in good health, and we take action at the first symptom of discord so that potential problems don’t escalate. That’s because our goal—and yours—is to keep our accounts as healthy as the people we aim to protect. And we’ll support you at every step in doing exactly that.

Manage your risk—both with your portfolio and the service you get. Reach out to your Aflac benefits advisor today.