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6 trends that will shape your 2023

The world of employee benefits continues its rapid change, much of which stems from the impacts of COVID-19—in several different ways. Here’s what to know about employee benefits in 2023.

1. Support for family caregivers will get its due.
About 53 million people in the United States are caregivers to loved ones,1 but only 8.1% of them get workplace support.2 The more absence solutions you bring to the table, the more you can help honor employees’ needs.

2. Delayed preventive care is taking a significant toll.
Thanks to pandemic-related lockdowns, patients are facing conditions that are more advanced than they would have been if treatments and screenings hadn’t been delayed.3 Remind clients that when they promote preventive care, they’re encouraging better attendance and most important, better health.

3. Long COVID will fatigue workplaces.
People who suffer from long COVID may be able to work, but less efficiently—35% of employees with long COVID say it has hurt their productivity.4 Promoting supplemental benefits can help ensure that people are getting the care they need, even months after they’ve “recovered” from COVID-19.

4. Wellness programs will be streamlined.
After a long, steady climb, spending on workplace wellness programs is plateauing. But the concept of wellness is more relevant than ever—opening up opportunities for you to help clients navigate what’s working and what isn’t.

5. Brokers will talk with more, and different, stakeholders.
C-suite decision-makers may be more prominent in employee benefits discussions than they were in years past. Contextualizing the bottom line and the “why” behind your offerings can help you communicate with top executives effectively.

6. Inflation will affect benefits strategies.
The steep rise of inflation means that clients will be feeling the pinch. Effective communication, ongoing education and creatively sourced benefits strategies will help you demonstrate value to your clients.

Get your 2023 off to a high-flying start—contact your Aflac benefits advisor today.